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Triko Ok Men:

Bearberry: natural ingredient of Triko Ok Men

Suitable for: known as one of the most important remedies against inflammatory diseases of the urinary tract

Bearberry: natural ingredient of Triko Ok MenThe arbutin is the actual active ingredi-
ent of the plant that seems to exert a significant antibacterial activity, particu-
larly on staphylococci and coli.

The bearberry has enormous power antiseptic and diuretic is indicated for inflammatory disorders and urinary pro-
static hypertrophy.

There are several active substances emitted as allantoin, triterpene derivatives, ursolic acid, mucilage, quercetin, resin, gallic acid, glycosides, arbutin, metilarbutina, aterosi-
di, tannins, flavonoids, glycosides idrochinonici, phenolics, arbutoside, metilarbutoside, triterpenes, monotrepeoside, iridoide and piceoside, hydroxyacetophenone.
The glucosides idrochinonic are the components responsi-
ble for the activity disinfectant explicated at the level of the urinary tract by the bearberry.

By enzymatic hydrolysis, arbutasi, maetilarbutina arbutin and hydroquinone are broken down in the intestine and metildocrinone that are excreted in the urine conduct a antiseptic action.
The disinfectant action of the hydroquinones is synergized by other components present in the leaves: the metabolites of the piceoside that perform antiseptic action against microorganisms insensitive to hydroquinone.

The tannins are able to inhibit the enzymes responsible for the denaturation of arbutin and a protective effect of the epithelium of the urinary tract. The iridoids complete the picture of the therapeutic action against diseases of the urinary tract doing a good anti-inflammatory action.

The bearberry (Arctostaphylos Uva-ursi) in the leaves contains a glycoside (arbutin) which has the ability from dividing itself in contact with the urine into glucose and hydroquinone. The arbutin is the actual active ingredient of the plant and seems to exert a significant antibacterial activity, particularly on staphylococci and coli.

The plant also holds ursolic acid, iperina and isoquercitina they attach to the drug anti-inflammatory and diuretic action. For this reason you may think that the bearberry is appropriate in various inflammatory processes of the respiratory tract, such as cysto-pyelitis, cystitis and catarrhal urethritis.

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