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Mate - Pag. 2

Reductup Men:

Mate: ingredient of Reductup Men

Mate: contains xanthine, the principal called mateinaAlthough the chemical structure of xanthines is similar, each has distinctive features specific. Re-
searchers at the Free Hygienic Institute of Hamburg ruled that although there is caffeine in mate, the amount is so small that it would take 100 tea bags of mate in a cup of water to about 100 grams. to be related to the effect of caffeine in one cup of 100 gr. of coffee. It is for this simple reason inferred that the active principle of the mate is not in the caffeine.

There is only one requirement that seems to be common to all the xanthines and that is the smooth muscle relaxation. It is for this reason that, with the exclusion of the coffee, where the outcomes distensive are reduced due to other side effects, the xanthines may be considered remarkable bronchodilators with clinical validity and therefore valid in the therapy of asthma.

The mateine seems to be endowed of the best quality in the category of xanthine because, like other xanthines, have the means to stimulate the central nervous system, but unlike all the other presents no dependence on forcing a daily usage.
In addition, unlike the caffeine, favors and does not make difficult to sleep. It is a bland diuretic like many xanthines and releases the peripheral blood vessels by balancing blood pressure. Potentiates the psychomotor activity without releasing the characteristic secondary effect of depressive type belonging to the xanthine.
Clinical studies seem to document that subjects with undoubtedly intolerance to caffeine can take mate without adverse reactions.

Gastrointestinal activity

The intestine is probably the major part of the body to gain benefit from the possibility of using the mate. The results reported in the literature vary from a rapid improvement of digestion to the ability to repair gastrointestinal tissue deteriorated or suffering.

Results on the nervous system

Mate appears to operate as a tonic for the nervous systemMore than other xanthine alkaloids, the mate has the ability to enhance the lucidity and the acuteness intellectual cognitive without giving any secondary consequence as irritability or restlessness. It seems to operate as a tonic, stimulating the nervous system when depressed or calming too excited weather.
It has been observed mood improvement after taking a mate but this is presumably mediated effect caused by the stimulus energetic. One of the really positive aspects of mate is that the sequence does not disturb sleep - wake as it has the propensity to balance them, encouraging greater availability of REM sleep, where necessary or prolonging the duration of the state of delta sleep and the deep sleep.

Cardiovascular activity

The mate has proven to increase oxygen supply to the heart and especially in moments of fatigue or physical activity. His results seem to imply its metabolic capacity to last for aerobic glycolysis (reduction of carbohydrates) during exercise for longer periods of time than usual. At this follows an expansion of the amount of calories burned, an increase in efficiency of the heart muscle and a slowdown in the anaerobic glycolysis, leading to a lower formation of lactic acid during exercise. Worthy of note are also the news that often have the mate for lowering blood pressure.

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