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Citrus Aur. - Pag. 2

Reductup Men:

Citrus Aurantium: ingredient of Reductup Men

Citrus Aurantium: ingredient of Reductup MenAlthough this is a very active plant complex, studies on acute and permanent component of this validate the safety of use of standardized extracts of citrus aurantium, if we adapt strictly to the instructions for use.

The sympathicomimeticmimetic amines contained in the extract are definitely less than that used pharmacological purposes. Do not use in pregnant and lactating women and under 12 years. In the presence of cardiovascular disease and / or hypertension, before taking this product, consult your doctor.

The citrus aurantium directly attacking the fats already deposited, favors their conversion into energy and facilitates their disposal. Ensure a vigorous lipolytic effect (activity in which are break down fats).

Citrus Aurantium: most significant decrease in appetite exerted at the level of the CNSThe citrus aurantium bitter varieties fruit dried and unripe (orange bitter) contain synephrine itself, sympathicomimeticmi-
metic amine can lead to a significant decrease in food intake and body weight.
The synephrine contained in citrus auran-
tium has chemical form similar to nora-
drenaline and sympathicomimeticmimetic activity exerts indirect as it reduces, at the synaptic level, the uptake of noradrenaline releasing it more usable.

Among the beneficial results, the most significant decrease in appetite exerted at the level of the CNS and increased lipolysis due to the solicitation receptor beta 3 (thermogene-
The thermogenic process is governed by the relationship of norepinephrine receptors with B-adrenergic beta-adrenergic receptor in a complex with the enzyme system denilatocicla-
si. The activation of the adenilatociclasi, in turn governed by protein-G stimulatory action, increases the dimensions of the intracellular second messenger cyclic AMP (adenosine monophosphate is a metabolite of the cells produced thanks to the enzyme adenylate cyclase from ATP ).

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