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Carnitine - Pag. 3

Reductup Men:

Carnitine: ingredient of Reductup Men

Carnitine is also used in sports medicineCarnitine can perform an action of support for further counterme-
asure in persistent infirmities of different organs, such hepatic cirrhosis. The term diseases of metabolism of sugars and fats represent other therapeutic groups.

Carnitine is also used in sports medicine as a supplement to a competitive level. The L-carnitine is a natural component the cell in which practice a fundamental role in the use of lipid substrates.
It is in fact the only means by usufruibile long-chain fatty acids to cross the mitochondrial inner membrane in order to be addressed towards the beta-oxidation.

In indirect mode, carnitine also influence the glucose metabolism and protidico: the oxidation of fatty acids limits the use of peripheral glucose while permitting the passage of acetyl groups (remaining of beta-oxidation) in the Krebs cycle, consequently increasing the possibility of using energy of the cell.

Carnitine: ingredient of Reductup MenDecisively has proved the therapeutic use of carnitine in deficiency myopathy by the substance and recently it has been found particularly advantageous to use in cardiac dysfunction. The carnitine plays a fundamental role in the cardiac metaboli-
sm because the oxidation of fatty acids is subordinate to the presence of balanced quantities of the substance.

Recent research has proven that in many stress conditions, of acute ischemia, myocarditis of diphtheria can be verified a decrease in myocardial tissue levels of carnitine.
L-carnitine is absorbed at the enteric level and reaches peak blood supply to the third hour; good blood levels are kept for about 9 hours. The elimination takes place through the kidney in unchanged form for over 80% in 24 hours. It is found in all tissues and muscle parenchymal. There are no known carnitine incompatibilities with other medicines.

Side effects, contraindications

At the concentrations indicated, are not known side effects.


Before taking dietary supplements is generally advisable to consult a specialist, especially in the presence of chronic diseases and taking regular medication. If disturbances occur, consult informing him of the administration.

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