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Them. annexed

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Thematics annexed to Mycream Men

Natural cosmetic with high functionality

Technical innovation and constant search for new natural production methods of substances and modern, have always been our fixed points. Thanks to our innovative production systems we have eliminated from all of our products:

  • Preserving agent
  • Chemical colors
  • Perfumes or skin-sensitizing substances
  • Tests on animals.

All our products are considered hypoallergenic. Specific treatments for aesthetic treatments with high functionality, born by professional experience. Ideal to complete and maintain the action of treatments performed in the institute, which is extremely effective because they employ the same professional active principles, for use at home.

Naturdieta: security guarantee on the quality of the productUse at your home of products with the same active ingredients that are included in the profes-
sional treatment, in high concen-
tration to ensure maximum effec-
tiveness, allows both the mainte-
nance of the results and an effective aesthetic enhanceme-
nt, in a shorter time.
That’s why every Naturdieta line formulated is accompanied by a comprehensive technical information where are listed in the quality and quantitative formula all active principles contained and their functionality.

Maximum clarity for maximum reliability

The substances were tested by functional studies at accredited facilities, universities, hospitals, research centers have shown that the actual efficiency.
Our method provides the possibility to have available a product targeted to successfully treat any skin imperfection.

Naturdieta: maximum customer satisfactionThe Wonderup S.a.g.l. - Naturdieta team natural cosmetics, has alwa-
ys been with the customer
We have cut all the additional expenses (advertising, luxury pack-
aging, representations) that usually occur in the production and market-
ing of a cosmetic line for maintenan-
ce treatment at home, being able to offer, with the direct distribution, quality products at low costs.

The new production technologies

With the aim of continuous improvement on search quality and functionality of our products we have developed an innovative manufacturing process. All our emulsions were in fact realized using oils dermo similar micro encapsulated in sponges of polyacrylic acid, in a high vacuum, at room temperature.

The biggest advantage of this method not minimally altered the thermolabile substances such as vitamins and other precious active substances and exploit its curative properti-
This allowed us for example to obtain a considerable improvement in rheology and functionality. Some exclusive features are:

  • Realization cold and without causing any alteration of the functional substances thermolabile
  • Increased approximately 20 times the compactness of the texture, using the technology triphasic high vacuum
  • The use of micro sponges (better resistance to oxidation and appearance). This particular chemical structure as well as retaining the oil phase, exclusively composed of natural oils affinity for the skin, increases the time of transfer of the active substances and therefore of their penetration, with the aim of obtaining improved functional results
  • Total absence of comedogenic formations which, in certain exceptional cases, could occur with the use of the traditional formulations based on hydrocarbons (vaseline and paraffin).
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