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Manplus Power:

Guarana: a powerful sexual stimulant

Activities on the heart

Guarana stimulates the contractile force of the heart in cardiovascular disease, increases the use of oxygen and determines balanced peripheral vasodilator and diuretic action.

Slimming of guarana

The caffeine in guarana helps the body to burn fats located especially in subcutaneous adipose tissue and can therefore be valid during slimming treatments.
The slimming action of this extract is due especially to increase the levels of cyclic AMP which is the largest employer of energy to the cell, consequential to the inhibition of phosphodiesterase that is the compound protein that must delete it.

This activity causes a significantly higher triglyceride lipase enzyme laboriousness, which is stimulated by cyclic AMP and that breaks down fat deposits with lipolytic effect. This sets off an increase in lipolysis with positive results on the reduction of fat deposits placed under the skin. Guaranà is used in the treatment of mental fatigue, cooperating in hypo caloric regimes and to facilitate the renal elimination of liquids. Moreover:

  • Main indications: memory defects, psychic exhaustion, fatigue in general, obesity and overweight
  • Main activity: psychostimulant, anti asthenic
  • More Actions: slimming.
Composition of guarana

Guarana extract contains:

  • Methylxanthines (existing also in coffee, maté, cocoa, cola) among which caffeine conjugated to guaranatina, a substance similar to kolatina (3.6 to 5.8%), theobromine (0.003%) and theophylline (0.28%)
  • Polyphenols (catechin and epicatechin)
  • Saponins, mucilage, starch (5-6%), tannins (8%), lipids (3%), oils and resins (7%)
  • The essential oil of guarana contains two methylbenze-
    nes, a monoterpene cyclic two hydrocarbon cyclic sesquiterpenes, and two derivatives metossifenilpropen alchilfenolic.
The properties of guarana
  • Tonic, invigorating, muscles energizing
  • Anti Amnesie
  • Diuretic, lipolytic and slimming
  • Cardiotonic, antioxidants.

In the Amazonian ethnomedicine, guaranà is the elixir of life with activities tonic, stimulant, anti-fatigue, antidepressant, astringent, febrifugal, tonic - cardiac, diuretic, anti cephalic, lenitive of menstrual pain and rheumatism. Given the presence in caffeine, the action of guarana appears similar to that of the coffee. Caffeine is a purine alkaloid stimulant that triggers an action at the cortical level, maintaining the condition of waking, concentration, conception and programming, reducing the sense of fatigue.

Lipolytic and slimming properties of guarana

The lipolytic effect is explicit to interdiction of phosphodieste-
rase, increasing cyclic AMP. Caffeine stimulates the adipose tissue by promoting the increase in thermogenesis. It denotes, consequently, an increase in the consumption of energy in the form of heat due to the increased oxidation of nutrients such as fatty acids.

Guarana and diuresis

The theobromine and theophylline release the smooth bronchial muscle structure and act as diuretics. The diuretic effect is due, partly, to a reduction in fluid and electrolyte reabsorption in the field of renal tubules. The assumption of guarana is inappropriate during pregnancy and in cases of high blood pressure, of cardiac disease, gastric ulcer. Guarana may interfere with certain drugs by increasing or decreasing the effect..

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