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Manplus Power:

Guarana: a powerful sexual stimulant

Guarana: a powerful sexual stimulantHe deserved fame as an aphrodisiac because it is one of the most powerful natural stimulant. Guarana contains a high amount of tannins and caffeine, which displaying action in central nervous system and cardiovascular system. In the brain, stimulates cortical neurons by increasing attention and decrea-
sing fatigue.

Guarana: tonic cardiac and circulatoryGuarana increases the basic metabolism of the cells, acts as a tonic cardiac and circulatory also at the peripheral level, activates the burning of fats and stimulates the catecholamineĺs production including the adrenaline. Increase the consumption of oxygen and has a moderate peripheral vasodilatation and diuretic, thus favoring the proper functioning of the male genitalia. The theophylline contained in Guarana also acts at the level of the respiratory system, causing muscle relaxation and promoting bronchial respiration..

Used part Manplus Power: the fruits

Guarana was already known in Europe as a medicinal product long before botanists Humblot, Bonplant and Kunth described the plant at the beginning of last century, having assessed and collected material in Venezuela and Columbia and cataloged as the Paullinia cupana plant H.B.K.
The name Paullinia was established in honor of the botanist who discovered the Danish Paulli first and was used for the genre popular name by which the bush was known in Colombia and Venezuela.

Composition and properties

The chemical examination of guaranÓ indicates that this Sapindaccea is one of quality vegetable known as the richest in caffeine but unlike the coffee, the substances that accompany GuraranÓ like caffeine, does not allow absorption. Chemical analysis of guarana seed provides the following composition: Caffeine 4,288, yellow fixed oil 2,950, red resin 7,800, red coloring agent 1,520, coloring agent amorphous 0,050, saponin 0,060, tannic acid, guarana, 5,902, acid pyro guarana 2,750, materials albuminous 2,750, starch 9,350, glucose 0,777, malic acid, mucilage, dextrin 7,407, vegetable fiber 49,125, water 7,650.

Pharmaceutical Preparations recommended

Dry extract Nebulized and titled in caffeine min. 3% (French Pharmacopoeia X). Its daily dosage ranges from 4 to 5 mg. per kg. body weight, divided into two doses, at 8 am and 16 pm.

Chemical composition

Guarana is a plant rich in purine bases and in particular of caffeine, which is not less than 2.5% of the dry plant.

Therapeutic properties

Caffeine works primarily on the central nervous system and cardiovascular system.

Activity on the central nervous system

At the level of the brain, GuaranÓ determines the stimulation of the cells of the cerebral cortex, with the effect of increasing attention, memory and mental performance in general and to reduce the sensation of fatigue.

The assumption of the active ingredients of this plant by a group of 20 healthy volunteers, orally and at doses gradually increasing (32, 64, 128 and 256 mg. daily in single-dose), has provided evidence of an increased level of attention and reaction time visual already at the lowest quantity determined, without rise to the appearance of side effects until the dose of 128 mg. At the highest dose causing excitability, tremors and insomnia in approximately 5% of subjects.

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