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Manplus Power:

Manplus Power: frequently asked questions

Manplus Power: frequently asked questionsThe toning tablets Manplus Power new enriched formula, are an entirely natural herbal supplement containing a variety of herbs known to increase desire and sexual activity, give greater vigor during erections, improve sexual performance and increase pleasure during relationship.

How does it works? Lately it was discovered that the tissue of the corpora cavernosa of the penis responds to the solicitation of some herbs that stimulate and strengthen. The active components of Manplus Power stimulate the areas of the bodies that can adapt to a greater capacity to retain the blood leading to a sexual function more effectively. Furthermore, due to the high content of purine bases including slow-release caffeine, theophylline, theobromine, tannins, vegetable fats and saponins that stimulate the hypothalamus, the components of Manplus Power can be flush better corpora cavernosa of the sexual organ male, also influencing the production of adrenaline and inhibiting the enzyme itself which causes its degradation, so as to prolong the stimulating effects on the system and genital apparatus.

Recent studies of food biochemistry conducted in the United States confirm the importance of food in sex, especially those foods that are rich in certain nutrients, for example, the amino acid arginine, which further increases the number of the spermatozoa, vitamin and that has a strong regulatory function of hormonal fluxes, zinc essential for growth and development of sexual organs, vitamin C helps the vitality and mobility of spermatozoa.

Is ManPlus Power a safe product, certified and notified? Manplus Power is a natural dietary supplement composed of herbs. Manplus Power is not a synthetic product and contains no chemicals or additives. There were no side effects in individuals in good health. The assumption of Manplus Power is a safe choice. ManPlus Power is scientifically tested and produced in ISO 9000 certified laboratories, as is regularly notified to the competent authorities.

What are the major benefits that can be found assuming Manplus Power? The majority of our customers have noted these beneficial effects after regular consumption of our products:

  • Facilities in achieving and maintaining an erection safe and strong
  • Increase of genital response
  • Ease in controlling premature ejaculation
  • Increase the spermatic capacity
  • Larger and more vigorous orgasms
  • A more pleasant participation in sexual
  • Best agreement with sexual partners because has the possibility of satisfy the desires
  • You will have better confidence in yourself and improve self-esteem
  • Adopted as the best natural method to prevent and control impotence and prostate problems.

How long should you wait before you get the results? You will be able to deliver results already after the first two or three days from initiation of Manplus Power. They will be highlighted with improved erectile response associated with an improvement in overall energy. For best results, we recommend taking the product every day for a month.

The results obtained are only temporary or permanent? As Manplus Power a dietary supplement, first results will be obtained after the first days of use of the product. When you are satisfied with the results, will be sufficient to take only 3-4 tablets per week to maintain results. The decrease in dosage will not produce any failure on the level of achievements.

At what age do can assume Manplus Power? Manplus Power can be assumed at any age from eighteen years until seventy and beyond. Excellent results were obtained both with the young than in older ones. If you were to be under medical prescription, may be useful to ask for advice from your doctor before taking Manplus Power together with others medicines.

What ingredients are used in the Manplus Power formula? Manplus Power tablets contain herbs and natural herbal extracts that are strengthening and sexually toning. Manplus Power does not contain components of synthesis, or chemical additives.

How many packs of Manplus Power I need? Each bottle contains 100 ManPlus Power tablets. The recommended dosage is three tablets per day: two in the morning at breakfast and one at lunch. In this manner, each bottle will last for a month. To obtain excellent results, we recommend the dosage purchase of 3 to 6 months, depen-
ding on your needs.

How to buy? At this time ManPlus Power is only available through the internet at our official website We are exclusive distributors and formulators of this product. You can buy ManPlus Power easily and securely from shop or by telephone. The available payment methods are credit cards (vith secure server), PayPal (secure server data management), bank transfer.

How will my order sent? All our products are sent anonymously and without any type of ad, going as sender “Wonderup Sagl”. Your order will be delivered acceptable within 3 working days by Bartolini express courier. In the event that is not found anyone at the time of delivery will be left a notice. We ask your cooperation in the withdrawal of the desired product as in the case of failure to collect back to the sender with associated costs charged to us.

I am in a foreign State: can i buy too? Surely. We accept orders from all over the world. In this case the payment will arrive early and exclusively by credit card or bank transfer. We ship through the postal service recommended package, anonymous package.

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