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Spirulina: natural ingredient of Zetastop

Spirulina: natural ingredient of ZetastopAlways been known in Oriental medicine for its many therapeutic properties, it was used by people of all continents as an important and fundamental food. The Aztec warriors considered spirulina, that was growing wild in Lake Texcoco, as the secret of their strength.

In recent decades, the return of blue-green algae as nutritional supplements natural occurred in conjunction with the more accentuated depletion of agricultural land and food. Along with the pollution of air, water and food, the collapse of the nutritional value of food is the fundamental cause of the development of the typical modern disease, the degenerative disease.
Metabolic functions, energy and immune system of an organism malnourished (and just what it is, paradoxically in the opulent society of the waste in which we live) tend to degenerate progressively. At the beginning symptoms are disorders such as anxiety and depression, fatigue, premature aging, flu and colds constant, allergies, etc., but by the time these symptoms tend to become serious degenerative diseases (heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer's disease, osteoarthritis, etc.).

A convincing answer seems to be that of "nutrient dense super foods" natural foods that have maintained superior nutritional characteristics.
As part of these superfoods including sprouts, cereal grasses, bee products, etc. the blue-green algae occupy an important place. They are, in fact, from the beginning of life on this planet, the base of the food chain and therefore always provide the entire set of nutrition in all living organisms higher.

Spirulina: edible microalgae and natural ingredient of ZetastopThe most common edible microalgae are spirulina, chlorella, and Klamath. Spirulina and chlorella are excellent foods that contain more than 30 minerals and trace elements. In addition to being the largest source of calcium, spirulina contains the full spectrum of those trace minerals essential to health.
In addition to a high content of proportional vit. C and vitamin E, spirulina possesses the complete group of B vitamins in high amounts, including 200% of the RDA of vitamin B12 in only 1.5 grams.

20 amino acids and 70% complete protein

Spirulina is the only food ever That contains all twenty amino acids. The proportions of its 8 essential amino acids is virtually identical to that considered optimal for the human body which makes its protein more assimilable of the same animal protein and it makes effective the amino acid neurotransmitter precursors. It is for this reason that spirulina has always had an extraordinary effect on all the problems and neurological disorders.

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