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Propolis: natural ingredient of Zetastop

Antimycotic activity

Propolis: natural ingredient of ZetastopThe antifungal activity was due to the presence of Ac. Caffeic Pinocembrin, benzyl-p-Cumarolo according to others also galangina, Kempferolo, Quercetin and derivatives of Ac. Cinnamic acid.
Propolis has been particularly active against Candida (especially Candida albicans), Saccharomyces, Trichomonas, Tricophyton, microsporon. The action is essentially fungistatic and involves the surface layer of the skin.

Antiviral activity

According to research performed, propolis plays an inhibiting action in respect of 'Herpes simplex type 1 and 2, Corona virus and about ten types of viral infections (influenza A and B, parainfluenza 1, 2 and 3, adenovirus, respiratory virus synclinal and others).
The action appears to be due to a limitation of engagement and penetration of the virus into cells for interference of propolis with the viral neuraminidase. The activity is mainly due to flavonoids, in particular galangin, kempferolo, quercetin, but also caffeic acid and its esters (in particular the CAPE). Propolis has direct action against Herpes and Adenovirus, because it inhibits the growth and slows down its multiplication.

Local anesthetic activity

Propolis: natural ingredient of ZetastopIt has an action similar to that induced by novocaine and according to some authors greater of cocaine and proca-
ine, with synergistic effect when used with the latter. In contrast to morphine, propolis does not reduce the pain by topical application of heat, in alcoholic solution is effective against the pain of chemical origin, but not against that of thermal origin and such action is not related to the activation of the opioid system and / or the release of opioid substances.

Hydroalcoholic extracts have a good local anesthetic effect, peripherally acting on the mucous membranes of the eye greater than that produced by procaine. The anesthesia is surface with little penetration power and is very useful in the dental field, especially after tooth extractions, teeth cleanings, when the gums are irritated.

Healing activity restorative

It stimulates the regeneration of tissues in the case of wounds or sores (using cream and ointments containing propolis), favors the absorption of vitamin C, important for the synthesis of collagen.

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