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Propolis: natural ingredient of Zetastop

Propolis: natural ingredient of ZetastopThe propolis consists essentially of a mixture of compounds of aromatic nature and enriched by numerous phenolic substances very heterogeneous among them such as fatty acids, terpenes, amino acids, vitamins and mineral salts. Among the many components of propolis the group of polyphenols or flavonoids is definitely the most interesting fraction and studied for its properties.

Flavonoids are plant pigments similar to the function of anthocyanins in plants is still poorly known but probably play a dual action of protection and stimulation of fundamental metabolic functions such as, for example, breathing. Certainly flavones are found in large quantities on the gems of the plants where they exert effective protection against parasitic adversity and the rigors of winter; protective effect that is further enhanced by the waxy-resinous coating of the same gems.

The peculiarity of the propolis, whose main source is made up of resinous materials collected by bees on the gems, lies in the wealth of propolis flavonoids which provide most of its antimicrobial properties.
According to some Soviet researchers about a third of the fraction of propolis soluble in ethyl alcohol is constituted by compounds of flavonoid nature and among these was identified galangin and Pinocembrin with bacteriostatic action and sacuranetine that has antifungal activity.

Propolis: natural ingredient of ZetastopIn addition to the flavonoids in propolis are found other substances of aromatic nature (phenols, phenol acids, alcohols and aldehydes with aromatic nucleus, etc.) That have strong antimicrobial properties as, for example, benzoic acid and ferulic acid that with much probability contribute to bacteriostatic and bactericidal action of propolis. Other compounds identified are certain esters of caffeic acid and xanterolo, all with antifungal activity.

In the past, the strong antibacterial and antifungal action was assigned to that 0.5% of essential oils present in propolis but today it has been proven as are precisely the flavonoids, in particular galangin (which is rich in propolis collected in deciduous forests) and Pinocembrin (mainly present in propolis originating from conifers) to ensure to the substance its valuable antimicrobial properties.

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