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Greek Hay - Pag. 3


Greek Hay: natural ingredient of Zetastop

Greek Hay: natural ingredient of ZetastopThe steroid compounds, the fanugrecine that is an ester pepdidic, has a hypoglyce-
mic action, anti-inflammatory and cardio tonic, with positive effects on the heart, uterus and intestines.
It also contains essential amino acids such as lysine and tryptophan. It contains a fiber fraction comprising trigonelline, coumarin, nicotinic acid. It also has presence in the endosperm of slime will mannogalattano.

The nutritive and restorative properties of fenugreek beneficial in debilitated patients and convalescents of long infectious disease and suffering from nervous disorders and having as characteristic excessive thinness, loss of appetite, general weakness. It has medicinal properties against anemia and is also useful to increase the secretion of milk of lactating mothers.

For external use is used for boils and felons who matures, bleed and solve quickly. The parts used are the seeds.
In the cosmetic industry it is used in prepared nutrient for the epidermis and as a firming of the breast. Preparations appropriately measured are harmless: the only limitation is the acrid smell and persistent, unwelcome but useful chase away pesky insects.

Fenu Greek properties

Fenu Greek: has proprità dietary, nutritional, tonics, stimulants appetiteThe fenu greek has dietary properties, nutritional, tonic, stimulating the appetite, stimulating the secretion of milk, vermifu-
The seeds possess hypocholesterolemic action, in fact, acting favorably on lipid metabolism, regulate the concentration of haematic cholesterol. The indigestible fibers inhibit pancreatic lipolytic enzymes and enteric and thus limit the absorption of lipids. Furthermore, the ability to bind bile acids makes partial action of these lipid emulsifier which consequently are not totally absorbed.

It seems that the protein content in the seed and saponosidis are responsible for cholesterol-lowering effect. Naturally, to obtain a valid hypoglycemic action and cholesterol lowering is necessary to use a galenical form that maintains the presence of indigestible fibers.

The hepatotrop action is instead due to the presence of hepatoprotective factors, and so the fenugreek is useful in the treatment of most liver diseases, ranging from simple insufficiency to degenerative processes. Choline prevents the accumulation of lipids in the liver and increases the hepatic synthesis of phospholipids.

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