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Ron Ron: sleep apnea

Complications of apneas

Topics annexed to ron ron: sleep apneaProgressive deterioration of evolution from snoring to sleep apnea syndrome pass unnoticed most of the time and unfortunately are usually noticed after the appearance of complications some-
times very serious. It is therefore impor-
tant not to underestimate a seemingly innocuous problem which needs to be treated early to avoid the risk of suffering serious damage. The sleep study allowed us to demonstrate the links between sleep apnea syndrome and some cardiac complications, brain and lung.

Topics annexed to ron ron: sleep apneaIn periods of apnea (respira-
tory arrest of the duration greater than ten seconds that can be repeated up to three hundred times a night), there is a reduction of the oxygena-
tion of the blood all the more marked as much as long apnea. This desaturation of blood is the event from which they can develop various complications. In detail

  • Cardiovascular complications. increased pressure arteriosae and pulse rate; sometimes changes in heart rate until it stops. This factor may explain why so many cardiac and cerebral accidents occur at night
  • Cerebral complications: in patients with sleep apnea syndrome is established a chronic insufficiency of cerebral oxygenation, responsible for the suffering of nerve cells that can explain many neurological symptoms. Moreover, the crisis of apnea involve the patient frequent nocturnal awakenings, with decreased ability to dream and consequent negative influences also on the psychic balance
  • Hormonal problems and sexual disorders: in patients with sleep apnea syndrome, there was a reduction in thyroid hormone and growth hormone. Clinical studies on more than 1,000 patients with erectile problems have found that 92% had more than five episodes of apnea per hour during sleep.
  • Broncho-pulmonary complications: an oral breathing prevents proper nasal filter, because the air is not heated, humidified and filtered by the nose constituting an element of irritation. Exchanges reduced of oxygen level broncho - pulmonary and reduced blood oxygenation determine frequent awakenings during nighttime sleep.
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