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Ron Ron: sleep apnea

Topics annexed to ron ron: sleep apneaSpeaking of sleep apnea, as well as be a part of the air passage in the throat (with a consequent snoring), is also obtained a complete obstruction of the upper airways (and apnea). For Apnea means the absence of proper breathing for at least 10 seconds, even if the duration can last 60-70 seconds. Since during apnea airways become blocked and the air does not pass through the throat, the oxygen levels in the blood are lowered instantly while the blood pressure rises.
Topics annexed to ron ron: sleep apneaAt the end of apnea occurs, usually, a brief awakening which is often the subject does not realize. Gradually comes to establish a true sleep apnea syndrome (SAS), which is responsible for a sharp decrease in oxygenation of the body during rest. The continuous reduction phases of oxygenation and increase of carbon dioxide in the blood, stimulate the brain and wake up many times the individual whose sleep is characterized by agitation, by continuous changes of position, by frequent awakenings, from strong and violent snoring interrupted by periods of silence (apnea).

In the morning, those who suffer wakes up fatigued, often plagued by headaches and during the day manifest loss of energy, difficulty concentrating, irritability, memory loss, changes in mood and behavior, anxiety and depression, obesity, decreased of sexual impulses.

Syndromes and information related to sleep disorder
  • O.S.A.S.: multiple episodes of sleep apnea (apnea in progress sleep) with snoring and daytime hypersomnia
  • Ipo ventilatory syndrome of obese syndrome (in which is included the OSAS) is characterized by obesity, hypoventilation, hypersomnia, respiratory frequency pulmonary heart, polyglobulia
  • Central Apnea: cessation of flows aircraft nose and buccal movements thoracic abdominal
  • Mixed apnea: central apnea initially followed by an obstructive phase
  • Irregular periodic respiratory: alternating periods of hypoventilation with or without apnea
  • Apnea index: number of respiratory events per hour of sleep can produce a reduction in the percentage of oxygen in the body (SaO2) less than 85%
  • Overlap Syndrome: association of O.S.A.S. with other pathology, usually chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • Nadir: minimum tip of SaO2 in the course of sleep.
Main causes of snoring

Topics annexed to ron ron: sleep apneaGiven that we supply breathing in oxygen our body, it is important to remember that the air must come in through the nose that is the only way physiological, while the mouth is only one way of emergency. Through the nasal passages the air we breathe reaches the pharynx and from here, through the larynx, trachea and bronchial tubes reaches the lungs where the exchange takes place between the oxygen and the carbon dioxide produced by the body.
Any obstacle matches the current in the route between the nose and the lungs will produce flow irregularities and nose could also be blocked by a septum deviation (bone, cartilage or mixed), by a pathological increase (for a retention vasomotor or allergic) of volume of the turbinates (ossicles of the nasal cavities covered by a mucous membrane able to change their volume), by the presence of polyps.

Topics annexed to ron ron: sleep apneaIn all these cases the nasal resistance increase and oral breathing tends to gradually replace the one nasal. The air that passes through the nasal passages undergoes a suction force causing major turbulence that put in vibration the soft palate and the uvula, producing the characteristic noise. In addition to the anatomical conditions, there are many factors that can increase the frequency or the importance of snoring:

  • Obesity: the increase or the excess in weight do increase the storage of fat in all tissues, including those around the mouth and throat. This action produces a narrowing of the airways, relaxation of soft tissue favoring snoring
  • Consumption of alcohol in the evening: drink more than two glasses of wine in the evening facilitates relaxation of soft tissue in the back of the throat favoring their vibration to the air passage
  • Respiratory secretions increased: this condition can occur due to multiple factors such as cigarette smoking, chronic bronchitis, allergies, chronic sinusitis, chronic rhinitis, dairy foods eaten during dinner.
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