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Ron Ron:

Ginger: an ancient natural ingredient of Ron Ron

Ginger: an ancient natural ingredient of Ron RonGinger is an ancient spice of Indian and Chinese pharmacopoeia. It was introdu-
ced in Europe as a tonic aromatic, liver protector and cholagogue (facilitating the flow of bile),without counting its use as a spice in many dishes and food. Its composition has revealed the presence of an essential oil and a resin probably responsible for its therapeutic activities.
Ginger is the root of the Zingiber officinalis, perennial plant native to Asia, and now cultivated widely in almost all tropical and subtropical countries.

History and curiosity

The drug is made from the rhizome of Zingiber officinalis Roscoe (Zingiberaceae family), perennial plant that has appearance and demeanor of a cane, with large horizontal rhizomes from the aroma very aromatic and pungent flavor and spicy but very pleasant.
Ginger is mentioned in ancient texts written in Sanskrit but was not unknown even to the ancient Hellenic and Roman classical civilizations, having come into the Mediterranean through the Arabs.

Ginger: an ancient natural ingredient of Ron RonIn tropical countries ginger is widely cultivated from the sea level up to 1500 m. for the great economic interest related to its use in the food, both fresh and dried, both in preparations that tend to conserve the rhizome, as candied ginger and syrup but especially to make fruit jams, liqueurs or refreshing drinks.

Ginger is used in modern herbal medicine for the treatment of dyspeptic (digestive) including belching, heartburn, flatulence and nausea. The use of ginger is also indicated in the prophylaxis of nausea from motion sickness (from a movement) and as anti-anemic in the postoperative period from minor surgical procedures. At the anti-anemic action would help an improvement of mobility gastrointestinal both fasting that full stomach.

Traditionally it has been used to combat dysmenorrhea, headache and also as anti-inflammatory and antipyretic but these activities have not yet been confirmed by controlled clinical trials.
Among the chemical compounds contained in ginger are monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes and gingerol. One of the principles contained in the ginger, ginger sulfonic acid 6-, seems to have antiulcer activity. While among the pharmacological activities which have been demonstrated in the laboratory, but for which there is no confirmation from clinical data, there are the activities antioxidants, cholesterol-lowering, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and antiviral.

Other features and properties

Ginger: an ancient natural ingredient of Ron RonThe antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity of ginger seem due to the action of phenolic compounds in the plant.
The ginger affects the production and the activation of a group of mediators of the biological response called eicosanoids, whose task is precisely to mediate the process of healing and participate in the activity of the immune system.

The body synthesizes these important compounds from essential fatty acids and use them to regulate cellular functions that do not operate properly. This will particularly involve three categories of eicosanoids: prostaglandins, thromboxanes and leukotrienes, which are currently the subject of research.
Imbalances in the synthesis and release of eicosanoids are the basis of many common diseases, from arthritis and peptic ulcer until arriving to the increase of platelet aggregation that can cause heart attacks and strokes.

Ginger: an ancient natural ingredient of Ron RonGinger reduces inflammation and abnormal tendency to thrombus formation. It is probably as effective as some NSAIDs, which are now so popular, however, is much less toxic, because it protects the stomach lining, instead of damaging it.

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