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Ron Ron:

Fennel: natural ingredient of Ron Ron

Fennel: natural ingredient of Ron RonThe whole complex of primary components of plants and a typical range of secondary plant compo-
nents are present. Pharmacologically important components include volatile oil, whose main elements are anethole and fencione, flavonoids, coumarins (all phytoestrogens). Properties: fennel plant much used in Mediterranean regions to flavor meat and dishes, in addition to mineral salts and vitamins contains an essence, anethole, which focuses especially in the seeds and promotes digestion.

Uterine tonic, mainly used to relieve symptoms of menopause, although it has been used to improve menstrual function and to reduce the feeling of nausea. *Galactagogue, affects endocrine system and hormone function due to its ability to promote the flow of milk or milk secretion in puerperal women.

Fennel: natural ingredient of Ron RonEmmenagogue, stimulates the flow of menstrual blood: relieves menstrual cramps and nausea. Useful in menopausal problems, is diuretic: detoxifies the body by stimulating the production of urine and the elimination (through the latter) of toxins; helps to dissolve kidney stones.

Depurative cleanses the blood; Carminative, acts on the digestive system due to its ability to release the gas from the intestinal tract. Relieves colics, is revealed an excellent remedy for the stomach and intestines to relieve flatulence and colics, stimulate digestion and appetite. Aromatic, acts on the digestive system due to its ability to stimulate the appetite and gastric secretion by the action of the volatile oil and other aromatic ingredients. Aromatics are also used to relieve flatulence, open nasal passages, improve the flavor of medicines and give psychological support.

Fennel: natural ingredient of Ron RonAnti-spasmodic, acts on the nervous system due to its ability to prevent or relieve muscle spasms. Anti-inflammatory, it acts on the immune system due to its ability to counteract inflammation. The infusion can be used as a rinse for the eyes or curative compressed to the eyes against conjunctivitis and inflamma-
tion of the eyelids (blepharitis).
For external use oil alleviates muscle pain and rheumatism. Hepatic, acts on the liver and on detoxification systems due to its ability to tone, strengthen, detoxify and heal the liver. Similar to anise, is used as an ingredient to flavor sweet. Its calming effect is ideal against bronchitis and cough.

Il finocchio in cucina

Fennel: natural ingredient of Ron RonIt is a food widely used, and also the seeds are used for flavoring dishes. Its sweet taste makes it a refreshing addition to a wide variety of dishes. You can use all parts of fennel. Cut the leaves and add them at the last moment to potato salad, condiments, sauces, or béchamel sauce. The bulb can be eaten raw in salads, adding flavor and crunchiness.

It can also be added to stews or fried in a pan like an onion, to add flavor to the sauce for pasta. At the Italian traditional way you fry lightly in olive oil flavored only with a bit of fresh ground black pepper and salt, is a light and tasty side dish for roast.

The seeds are to be used when you want to get more pungent flavor. The seeds are commonly used in sausages, pickles, dishes of lamb, duck, or pork, and as an important ingredient in curry dishes and spicy bread.
Try the seeds combined with chopped kalamata olives and sun-dried tomatoes as ingredients in homemade rustic bread. The flavor of fennel mingles well with fish, both fresh and preserved in oil. Use the leaves and root in fish stew for a delicate flavor, or use the seeds lightly fried and chopped like barbecue seasoning for the salmon.

Fennel history and curiosity

Fennel: natural ingredient of Ron RonFennel is known for its properties galactogogue: for that purpose it was used in the ’800 in France as well as had extensive use at the School of Medicine of Salerno. Do not forget his alimentary use and flavoring.

In addition to flavor meat and dishes, with fennel prepares an excellent liquor carminative and diuretic. The fruits of fennel crushed and combined with green clay are used to prepare a toothpaste that freshens breath and strengthens the gums.
The ancient Romans appreciated very much fennel, and ate it for both the good flavor that for the traditional belief that it was helpful in controlling obesity. Even the name was derived from the Greek word for fennel “maraino” which means to lose weight.

This belief resisted until the times of the herbalist Culpepper who wrote of fennel, “all parts of the plant are heavily used in potions or broths for to lose weight people too fat”. There might be some basis for this belief, since the seeds are known as a slight appetite suppressant.

The Puritans chewed the seeds during periods of fasting religious ritual to resist hunger. The fennel was considered one of the nine sacred herbs to treat diseases in the Middle Ages. It is also believed that would take away evil spirits, which is why was inserted in the locks and hung the doors, especially on the eve of the August holidays.

Charlemagne was a great admirer of the healing properties of fennel. Even today it is used as a remedy for colic, how refreshing of the breath and as a digestive. In the ’812 declared that fennel was essential in every imperial garden.

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