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Robur: enriched new formula

Researchers Naturdieta have also improved the composition of Guarana in Robur New Formula Enriched because we wanted to be able to help the brain function in people taking the product, given the primary importance of this organ on all organ function..

Robur: Robur: enriched new formulaNaturdieta took the opinion of psychologists and neurophysiologists at the University of Limburg in Holland who say without a shadow of a doubt that caffeine (contained also in guarana in Robur New Formula Enriched) is a nervous system stimulant to which improves attention and memory.
In particular they found that caffeine has a positive effect on the production of choline, a substance similar to vitamins of the B group that is used by the brain for the production of acetylcholine, the neurotransmitter necessary to manage the functions of the memory. Caffeine helps to have sharper memories and a better attention and also a language richer and more vibrant because the brain makes less effort to retrieve the stored information.

A group of researchers at the University of Auckland (New Zealand) has tested the positive effects of caffeine on the performance of rugby players. Thanks to caffeine the athletes were running faster and felt less tired (up to 10 percent less).

What is known for sure is that caffeine, like other substances in to the family of methylxanthines (such as theophylline of tea and theobromine of chocolate), stimulates the central nervous system and in particular the contraction of the heart muscle.
This means that caffeine, such as that contained in the guarana in Robur New Formula Enriched, increases cardiac output, to the benefit of those who are involved in sports, especially of long duration and intensity. In addition, thanks to caffeine, the smooth muscles of the bronchi is released, improving respiration and oxygen in the tissues.

Perchè Robur Nuova Formula Arricchita in compresse

Robur: Robur: enriched new formulaThe decision to formulate into tablets Robur comes from a strong push from the right and needs expressed by the large customer base which in Robur creamy formula has earned over the years.
The increasingly eventful life, the needs of a wide variety of easy hiring and ductility of health products, the demand for a simpler assumption of the product and a more correct dosage have routed the Naturdieta researchers to the new tablet formulation.

This new formulation has been possible thanks to new technologies that allow compression of large quantities of active principle without damaging their organoleptic quality. We can consider Robur New Formula Enriched as the union between the herbal tradition and the new production technology Healthy Good natural: a great supplement based on plant extracts naturally rich in amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other constituents that make this product an excellent tonic and physiologic adjuvant due to its antioxidant action, antiseptic and immune stimulator.

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