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Robur: the natural green bomb

But then Naturdieta Robur is really a miraculous bomb? Well, maybe it will not magically change you into Olympic champions, our champions, however, take it as it was really a magic potion.
Robur: the natural green bombRobur: the natural green bomb. Agonistic activities much challen-
ging as Formula One, off-shoare, football, cycling, rowing etc., require the help of a “fuel” really special for the muscles and the brain, taken in the easiest way possible and without having problems of assimilation.

Just think of the need for an energy boost for a cyclist committed to go, at an average speed of 50 km per hour, hundreds of miles under a scorching sun.

Robur: the natural green bombOr at a rally driver, struggling with an African race lasting dozens of hours, with short stops and at a temperature of 60 degrees. In these cases, the assumption of the integrator Naturdieta Robur will prove to be a help really amazing!!!!

But we remove all doubt. Naturdieta Robur is a “bomb” absolutely harmless and does not fear None doping because it is a food product composed of purely natural substances such as honey, propolis, pollen, ginseng, Eleutherococcus, spirulina and guarana. No chemistry therefore, but only a mixture of natural substances studied and calibrated, ancient and valuable by extraordinary effects.

But that’s not all. The experimentation performed on a plurality of persons, diversified among them, there has also led to the discovery of more and symbiotic beneficial effects from this mixture on the body: Naturdieta Robur does in fact possess tonic, anti-asthenic (ie against fatigue), antidepres-
sant, slimming and revitalizing for skin and hair.
Exerts, we said, also an anti-asthenic activity significantly decreases the feeling of fatigue by inhibiting the formation of lactic acid in the muscle. A real injection highly energetic and full of nutrients to our muscles.

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