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Robur: natural supplement against stress

The reaction of adaptation

Robur: natural supplement against stressAt this point the body is ready to fight and it becomes important to choose the most suitable strate-
gy to the enemy that we want to win. This phase of the stress response is in fact highly specific to factor that has unleashed. This means that if the initial stress is a state of physical type as, for example, an excessive expenditure of energy due to a particularly tiring work, the winning strategy will be to make available energy reserves and increase the sleep time to favor a good recovery. If the body has used the right strategy, you can reach the so-called “adaptation”, which allows us to find a new balance.

The exhaustion energies

However, if the stressor persists and reaches exceed a certain critical intensity, the body’s energy reserves are consumed little by little until it is finished and the state of adaptation achieved in the previous phase will be lost leaving the place to a state of general malaise.

How to deal with stress

The adaptogenic substances must own this name to their ability to take action on the reaction of the organism to adapt strengthening it. Their function is precisely to raise the tolerance threshold of the organism against stress, which means that the body has more resources to deal with it.

Among the numerous medicinal plants able to promote the recovery of the energies of the organism, there are some particularly effective in reducing the stress that accompanies the continued stress condition.
The ginseng and Eleutherococcus are used for their ability to increase the overall effectiveness in situations of stress. The effect that produces is to to make us more viable in performing all daily actions.


Robur contains EleutherococcusLike all adaptogens are effective on both the mental capacity (improve attention, concentration and memory), both on physical performance, improving the ability to perform muscular work and reducing fatigue.

The Eleutherococcus, is a plant that belongs to the same family as ginseng and comes from the steppes of Siberia where it is called “bush devil”.
Its antistress, adaptogenic properties have been tested in double-blind trial of various groups of athletes. The results demonstrate that the euterococco, during muscular exercise decreases the heart rate and improves the ability to take oxygen from the environment.
Much studied in Russia and widely administered to the elderly to delay the effects of aging, eleutherococcus increases stress resistance, and it is absolutely devoid of toxicity: its effect is attributable to various pharmacologically ginsenosides and eleutherosides contained in it. In particular, helps the physiological immune defenses of the body often weakened under conditions of prolonged stress.

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