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Robur: natural supplement against stress

Stress of those who practice sports activity

Robur: natural supplement against stress in sportsThe sport intense the workouts and competitions burn a substantial amount of Únegie of the body with a consequent physical fatigue and general weakness.

Principal effects of stress

Lack of tone and energy. We feel tired every morning and even though most of us strive to start the day with enthusiasm, we can not keep up the pace. The general tiredness makes us apathetic, not very active and sparsely vital. We also recognize the following issues:

  • Difficulty concentrating: our ability to concentrate lost some stroke. We have difficulty remembering and poor performance in the study and intellectual work
  • Digestive problems: one of the most common consequences of stresstogether with diet hasty and unbalanced, it is a bad digestion, which can also occur with abdominal discomfort
  • Difficulties to rest: the continuing tension Daily does not allow us to reach the relaxation necessary for a good night’s sleep. The inability to sleep reduces our chances of recovery, so that physical and mental fatigue accumulates day after day.
The response of body to stress

The body has a remarkable system of adaptation to stress, represented by a series compensatory mechanisms that allow us to “adapt” to any adverse situation and then deal with it. These mechanisms work the same way regardless of the type of stress we face and tend to restore the proper balance of biological functions. We summarize below the process of our body’s response to stress.

  • Alarm reaction: preparation to react (regardless of the specific stressor)
  • Phase of the resistance: an attempt to adapt. Highly specific against the stressor
  • Aftermath
    • Adaptation: return to equilibrium
    • Exhaustion: physical and mental state of malaise
The alarm bell

natural supplement against stressWhen we are faced with a stressful factor, our body sends us a sort of SOS to warn us that something is happening to unexpected and uncontrollable, we must mobilize all available resources. This reaction is essential to the type of stressor (study, work, etc.) that has triggered and determines a first consequence of increased levels of adrenaline, which in our body acts as a messenger of a danger or an imminent threat, and communicates to the various organs and apparatus the need for prepare to react.

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