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Robur: natural supplement against stress

Robur: natural supplement against stressOne of the most used and abused words in our dayand yet few people know the true meaning of this term. Literally, the word stress means effort, "tension". Starting from this meaning is now commonly used to indicate difficult moments out of the ordinarythat cause feelings of anxiety and worry.

However, we do not always think of stress as something negative: there is a “constructive stress”, which is essential in life because it is the indispensable “stimulus for change” that allows us to do most of our actions.

Robur: natural supplement against stressStress is a relatively new disorder whose arrival is traced back around 1700 with the birth of the great city, accompanied by an increase in noise, by crowding, from the displacement, traffic, pollution and rhythms of industrial production.
The first scientific observations on stress dating back to the thirties to the work of an American scientist (Selye) who observed the effects of external stress on the body and its ability to react.

Who did not hear or is not heard stressed once at least in a lifetime? Stressed out from work, study, family commitments, from sports. The day is studded with many little stressful moments that gradually exhaust the resources of our body.

The stress of work

Robur: natural supplement against stressSome surveys have shown that the majority of workers satisfied with their profession or less, is affected by emotional stress, fatigue, difficulty to rest. According to recent research, at least one worker out of three European are affected by work-related stress. Women are affected in a greater number than men because more women are working and growing difficulties in reconciling work and family commitments.

Stress of those are studying

Robur: natural supplement against stressThe study, prepare for exams, deadlines or tasks of each afternoon are a source of stress that causes a loss of tone and energy on the physical level but especially at the mental level. Many students, towards the end of the school year or at examinations particularly difficult, complaining about fatigue and impaired memory and concentration: functions whose efficiency is essential to carry out the study.

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