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How it works


How does the natural product Robur

How does the natural product RoburBut how does Naturdieta Robur? The secret to its effectiveness is all in the highly specific action of its components. The elements that compose it are in fact targeted action and have the advantage of being assimilated within two or three minutes, not so engaging the digestive system and bringing it directly into the circulation energetic substances without creating “thefts” of blood to the heart and brain.

In fact, when you consume a normal meal, the digestion process requires blood, required by the stomach, lets ungarrisoned those organs, resulting in loss of capacity to concentrate and fatigue resistance.
The secret of these components is simple: there are the most energetic in nature and mixed together, in addition to performing each one the own action, are mutually reinforcing.

How to use Robur: when and for what needs it is recommended

Natural product Robur: great for studentsWith regard to the recruitment procedures, these vary according to the type of goal you want to achieve. The general indication of the basis for those wishing to spend a day in full force and on top of your intellectual ability, is to take the morning after getting up, two tablets. After that, you may very well eat a normal breakfast.

In some cases it may be useful to increase this dose. For example, during periods of increased fatigue due to excessive work or study the two tablets taken in the morning can be replicated in the afternoon, resulting in increased attention span and concentration.

Similarly, the elderly, who often have little appetite, can supplement their diet with this product, avoiding the problems of absorption of food that are typical of people in the years ahead. We must not forget the antidepressant qualities of the product, which can alleviate this tendency to depression in old age.

Natural product Robur: great for sportsAnd, of course, two tablets should be taken also by all the people who practice sports. Ten minutes before playing tennis or football energy intake provided by the compound facilitates better performance, avoid the feeling of fatigue and provides the energy needed in a matter of minutes, without having to worry about a meal several hours before ’sporting commitment. Identically is true for those who have to take a trip in the car.

The energy content of four tablets Naturdieta Robur is more or less equivalent to that of a plate of pasta and a steak. The difference is that in the first case are needed two minutes to the assimilation, in the second two or three hours for digestion, the process that leads fatigue and decreases the “attention span”.

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