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Robur: faq

Robur: faqIn this section we list those which have hitherto been the questions (with answers) received the most frequently for our product Robur. If you wish to make new ones, we invite you to write to us at Thanks for your collaboration.

How was created Robur? Robur was created after years of studies and research carried out on substances of natural origin with energy and stimulant effects at psycho-physical level. It was created in 1992 by a medical team, specially in order to meet specific needs of the crew of the Destriero, the ship that won the prestigious Blue Riband, which is the world record for crossing the Atlantic.

The product has been tested on a wide range of people with different needs: Formula 1 drivers, football players of Serie A teams, world-class cyclists, skiers of national teams, drivers for Alfa Romeo and Lancia, but also on people which play a normal mental and physical activity (students, professionals, elderly, amateur sportsmen). In all cases and in all situations Robur showed appreciable beneficial effects on mental and physical performance of the people who used the product, increasing physical performance, concentration and reflexes and by stimulating the respiratory amplitude.

Due to its characteristics, Robur should not only be considered the “food of champions”, but the natural food of high biological value to be taken daily to maintain or regain a perfect shape.

What is it? Robur is a natural product based on of precious substances such as royal jelly, propolis, pollen, ginseng, Siberian ginseng, spirulina, guarana and rosehip. Discover more about the ingredients visiting the section composition.
The careful and wise choice of substances that act synergistically and that compose the product Robur allow you to make every day precious natural elements to the body, causing him to regain the vitality and energy you need.

Why is it useful? Thanks to the proteins of plant origin contained in spirulina, energy and stimulant substances contained in ginseng and Siberian ginseng, vitamin C contained in the rose hips, to the useful substances to defend the body against attacks by external agents contained in propolis, as well as minerals and carbohydrate content in pollen, Robur is a complete natural supplement that can provide easy assimilation of nutrients and of high biological value and energetic.

Who is it useful? Robur is useful to all people, of all ages, who want to maintain or regain a perfect psycho-physical form. It is especially recommended for use in:

  • School children and students, especially during periods of increased commitment such as examinations
  • People in old age, when the body requires more energy input in the physical and mentally
  • People who play sports and therefore require to the own body performance above the norm.

Robur is also of great help in all forms of excessive physical fatigue and asthenia, typical of certain periods of the year (especially during changes of season). Thanks to the substances that compose it, Robur is able to stimulate the body and to provide energy, without causing weight gain.

As we assume?? See dosage section.

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