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How it works - Pag. 4


As acting the natural product Mycolor

Characterizing ingredients of the Mycolor formula
Emblica dried extract (Continued ...)

The same traditional Indian medical science defines it as a potent therapy against aging of the skin and epithelial appendages such as hair. Among the active principles of this plant will highlight the tannins (emblicanina A and B, and punigluconina pedunculagina), vitamin C and flavono-
ids. In light of recent studies on protein compounds that work to preserve the color of the hair it can be argued that the content in antioxidants and conduct for an healthy of the liver with possible generation of catalase explains the traditional use.


Horsetail: natural ingredeient of MycolorIt is a plant without flowers that grows in damp places and gravelly. For its typical appearance is commonly called horsetail. From the Equisetum is derived an extract rich in flavonoids, saponins, and minerals including especially the organic silica, which is an important remineralizing. Plays an important role in the structure of connective tissue and on the hair, giving tone and vigor. It is particularly suitable for those who have thin hair and brittle.

Choline and Inositol

They are substances linked to the group of vitamin B and while not showing really like vitamins, are considered active for the development and for the conservation of healthy hair.
The Inositol is considered suitable also against diabetes and for the purification of the liver.

Colina is beneficial to the cardiac systemThe Choline possesses an acti-
vity emulsifier and then acts against the accumulation of lipids in the liver and is in the blo-
od, normalizes the blood pressu-
re and strenghtens the capillari-
es. These substances are considered very useful for the protection of the hair like the other B vitamins and PABA, with which work in synergy. These two substances are thought of as elements for liver protection.

PABA (Para-Amino Benzoic Acid)

Even this substance acts synergistically with previous and with the folic acid of which is a constitutive and Vitamin B5 for the preservation of hair pigmentation.
PABA is nevertheless used both as a screen for he sun's rays in order to tackle the vitiligo and digestive disorders. This substance has proven to be able to give back your hair color.

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