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As acting the natural product Mycolor

Mycolor: against the gray or white hair and graying of hairOne other reason that leads most frequently to have the white hair is the lack of antioxidants and in particular the enzy-
me catalase. This molecule has been found in limited quantities in those who suffer from vitiligo, dermatological condi-
tion that causes depigmentation of the skin.
The discoloration of the hair can then be caused by a lack of catalase that from oxidative stress and food. Nevertheless, you have to specify that some individuals have a congenital configuration that makes them produce antioxidant enzymes to a lesser extent.

Research has determined that all the cells that make up our hair can create a small amount of hydrogen peroxide, which, however, increases as we age.
The hair is bleached, therefore, from ourselves and from within,becomes first gray, then white. To understand the reason of ’whitening of our hair was conducted a clinical trial on hair follicles of various men and women with different chemical molecules and examining, as a result, their effect on the hair.
From the analysis carried out it has identified in the antioxidant L-methionine, an essential amino acid and a potential ally against the depigmentation of the hair. This substance is naturally contained in grains and soy and may clarify why the people of Asia, who assimilate large amounts of these nutrients, retain as long as the natural color of their hair.

Characterizing ingredients of the Mycolor formula
Emblica dried extract
(In MyColor fruit dry extract standardized to 30% tannins and gallic acid 8%)

Amla: natural ingredient of MycolorThe Emblica Officinalis is the Amla of Ayurveda tradition of which we used in order to benefit of its significant antioxidant properties and with the aim of preventing the degradation of tissues linked to the aging process and also against diabetes, against stress and for detoxify the liver (which is why the Amla is used in the West for the treatment of alcoholism).

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