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As acting the natural product Mycolor

Stress can lead to have grey hairPopular wisdom that attaches to the stress, tension, fears and sorrows strong the whitening of the hair has a scientific justification since it has been documen-
ted that worries and fears can rob the hair of melanin which gives to them its natural color in addition to running the risk of doing so weaken and fall.

The new frontier of aesthetic science of Naturdieta promises to make white hair a thing of the past or an option to those who want the charm a hair graying.

Starting from an assessment that the graying occurs not only with the continuation of the age but it is also a consequence of acute stress and diseases of the scalp, researchers Naturdieta-Wonderup have tried to change the process of whitening peptide starting from K (D) PT, molecule with the same properties and functionality of the hormone MSH, that normally stimulates the formation of melanin, the pigment that gives color to the hair.

The gray hair often manifests itself in those who have had to deal with skin conditions such as alopecia areata and telogen effluvium, which cause significant effects unsightly due to the weakening of the hair. Even the hairs of these people are treated repurchased their original color when we acts on the peptide K (D) PT.
The K (D) PT deserves to be examined in detail as a new mediator anti-gray hair in particular in the treatment of post-inflammatory whitening of the hair which is often observed during the stage of recovery from alopecia areata.

In Europe and America, many men dye their hairAlthough many consider attractive have salt and pepper hair, especially for men, in Europe and in America this belief is definitely a minority, as approximately 66% of men U.S. dye their hair and so does 75% of the Italian population at over 40 years, no major differences between men and women.
Scientific research conducted on behalf of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology has identified the reasons for the graying of the hair with the passing of years. The results achieved have identified in free radicals the responsible for the graying of hair and of their becoming white later. Is the hydrogen peroxide, which is generated naturally by our body to discolor our hair over the years and accumulated in the scalp and in the hair.

The scalp is the area identified by the search where a greater extent accumulate the free radicals. This takes place because of what we take with food and also with the applicant the process of washing and drying of the hair follicles. All these reasons can deplete the hair of melanin, their natural coloring.

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