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Mycolor: frequently asked questions

Can I speed up the results? The action of Mycolor is gradual, varies with the amount of hairs present and respects, however, the cellular response of each individual. The most frequent use of the product will not speeds up the process. Please use this product only as directed.

Mycolor also improve the beard and mustache (only in men)? Yes Mycolor also acts on the face, including a mustache, beard, sideburns, eyebrows and eyelashes. However, stu-
dies show that the results are not fast and may require more time than the hair to achieve a visible effect.

Swim with the pool water can create a problem? Mycolor, unlike other products that act externally, works internally and therefore swimming not affect the progression of treatment.

For how long the hair color remains unchanged if you stop using Mycolor? The results vary and in any case all the results remain permanent for at least 6-12 months. However, the hair can, in the span of several months, gradually and imperceptibly back to gray. For best results it is recommended to repeat the treatment at least once in a year.

How do I use the product? Are there side effects? Mycolor is a natural dietary supplement made from herbs. Mycolor is not a synthetic product and does not contain any chemical substance or additive. There were no side effects worth mentioning. Take Mycolor is a safe choice. Mycolor is scientifically tested and produced in ISO 9000 certified laboratories, as it is regularly notified to the competent authorities.

Why use Mycolor? This composite contains active ingredients that favor the production of melanin, which is used to revitalize dead skin cells and promote the re-coloring of gray hair. Mycolor also counteracts the thinning of the hair.

As should be taken Mycolor? Take 2 tablets by mouth Mycolor during or after meals twice a day with half a glass of water.

Storage conditions? Store product in original container tightly closed in a cool, dry place, away from light and heat sources. The retention date refers to the product properly stored in unopened containers. Generally, Mycolor that you will receive will have an expiration date not less than two years.

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