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Amla: natural ingredient of Mycolor

Emblica officinalis: fruit dry extract standardized to 30% tannins and gallic acid in 8%

Amla: natural ingredient of Mycolor The botanical term that identifies them is Emblica Officinalis. It is a plant known in India as Amalaki but it is usually called Amla. Belongs to the family of the Euphorbiaceae, grows sponta-
neously but is preferably cultivated. Its juicy fruit, green and fleshy has a size that exceeds two centimeters and consists of six segments slightly drawn and six seeds.

The amla holds a position of great interest in traditional oriental medicine and is a plant commonly used in India, especially in Ayurvedic medicine that is availing of it by 5000 years.
It is present in 50% of Ayurvedic medicinal formulas and only recently began to be worked in the West. Scientific studies and analysis performed have uncovered the precious active ingredients for human health, which it contains, first of all the vitamin C.

The amla is not the only source of vitamin C richer available but also the most advantageous since it is full of all bioflavonoids which are substances that nature combines with vitamin C because it can operate as an antioxidant.

The amla also contains saponins that suppress or limit the cancer cells without suppressing healthy cells. The saponins remove the cholesterol from the body by acting as a natural antibiotic and are indicated in the treatment of infections caused by fungi and yeast. Saponins strengthen the immune system.

Amla: natural ingredient of MycolorExperiments performed in Japan at Institute Niwa by immunological studies have shown that the amla encloses high levels of superoxide dismutase (SOD) which is a powerful antioxidant, real cleanser of free radicals.
We understand the importance of this substance in amla if we consider that an excess of free radicals exhausts the body to such an extent as to cause degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease and senile dementia.

With this fruit that comes from the forests of India, nature provides the opportunity to strengthen our natural defenses against viruses and bacteria. Amla contains all the ingredients necessary for the curative treatment of diseases.

Officinal features of the Amla
  • The amla is very useful for preventing and treating influenza and all ailments caused by cooling
  • It is also suitable against anemia, in chronic diseases of the lungs, diseases of the liver and spleen, gastritis and in all forms of rheumatism, arthritis and osteoarthritis
  • Caring the hypertension, cholesterol and the cardiac disorders
  • Fights viruses, bacteria and fungi
  • Amla also strengthens the cells, increases the producti-
    on and secretion of interferon and corticosteroids, which are hormones produced by our adrenal glands and have the duty to protect the body from inflammation and degenerative processes
  • By raising the level of total protein in the body, the amla also has the property to increase the body mass because it promotes fat burning.
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