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Glycemic control and antidiabetic plants

By studying the blood glucose curve, researchers at the international level have identified in the “glycemic response” the bodily activity that induces to weight change.

The human body needs energy for its basal activity (breathing, sleeping, etc). The use of this energy generates heat that is used to maintain the thermal condition in a physical process called thermogenesis.

The energy is supplied by nourishment and essentially determines two caloric sources: sugar (glucose) that provide instant energy and fat, which burn slowly and create long-lasting energy.
The pancreas produces insulin in the moment in which the sugar is ingested in order to conduct the glucose to the cells for the production of energy. If glucose is in excess (hyperglycemia), the surplus is accumulated in the fat deposits with the expectation of being used (diet).

Kalospeed check the blood glucoseThe human body gets accusto-
med in this way to rely on a specific quantity of sugar and is rescheduled to accumulate sur-
pluses in the fat. When glucose in the blood reaches too low quantities (hypoglycaemia), ra-
ther than insulin activates the thyroid, which is urged to generate two hormones to the cells that provide a source of alternative energy represented by the proteins of the muscles. Acting in this way, the body plunders itself in order to be preserved.

When people think of carry out a correct choice by eliminating the intake of fat, in reality stimulate their body to change from burner of energy in energy storage unit unexpressed, modifying the normal metabolism and exposing itself to the possibility of becoming diabetic, or if they follow a very strict diet, are damaged in another way.

The only method to make the cells use fat as energy producers and not ruin the body is to maintain the portions of the so-called glucose-end control of the glycemic response. Acting in this way, the insulin may send only the necessary glucose to the cells to burn that, once finished and given that they are already scheduled to generate additional energy, for this purpose will use fat. Giving the possibility our bodies to act in this way, we will provide the means to innovate with energy and health.

Kalospeed check the blood glucoseThe supplement Kalospeed was formulated in such a way as to obtain a synergistic effect on bodily actions that control and affect satiety. A part of the formulation of Kalospeed is set to the current findings concerning the control of blood glucose response in order to ward the effect of fluctuating blood sugar and insulin trap.

Kalospeed brings an increased feeling of fullness, keeps energy levels in balance and balanced for a longer period and contains the triggering of the automatic accumulation of fat, activating also that of burn.
Kalospeed borns from scientific research of the control of blood glucose response and is placed at the service of your body.

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