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Kalospeed check the blood glucose

There are numerous medicinal plants that can be used in the treatment of glycemic control. Some of them have a specific hypoglycemic action while others stimulate the production of insulin.

Kalospeed check the blood glucoseCertain plants block (reversibly) the receptor for the enteric glucose while others cause a de saccharification of glucose through the intervention of significant concentrations of tannins. More natural active ingredients block the aldose reductase protein compound that supports the conversion of glucose to sorbitol, which is the most responsible for the ophthalmic and neurological problems of diabetes.

The aldose-reductase is the enzyme involved in the composition of alcohols among whom sorbitol and galactitol are implicated in the manifestation of diabetic complicati-

The use of natural substances that block the aldose-reductase has determined good results in diabetic patients. The flavonoids, widely distributed in the plant kingdom, are important inhibitors of the accumulation of sorbitol and can help to explain the evident outcome of several medicinal plants traditionally used in the treatment of diabetes.

Naturdieta researchers consider the root bark of Poterium Spinosum, Dandelion root, the leaves of blueberry, the juniper berries, seeds Yambul as one of the best medicinal plants rich in active ingredients beneficial in the treatment of diabetes mellitus and equipped with hypoglycemic activity, known in scientific circles for some time but rarely used for this purpose. All these plants synergistically activate their active ingredients in the formula of Kalospeed.

Poterium Spinosum: property
Primary action

Poterium SpinosumHypoglycemic ILA type: Insulin-like-activity (activity similar to insulin). The active ingredient in Poterium stimulates the hormo-
nal function in the islets of Langerhans. It is supposed, in fact, that the plant similarly to oral antidiabetic sulfonilurati regulate the internal generation of insulin by the islets of Langerhans of the pancreas. An important work by J. Shani, B. Joseph and FG Sulman has highlighted the following characteristics of Poterium spinosum:

  • Active ingredient: only the root bark (such as that present in Kalospeed) has provided evidence of being equipped with a significant hypoglycemic action
  • Chemical structure: the active substance shows a chemical form very simple, almost certainly a small molecule or a peptide.

Poterium spinosum (L.) is a medicinal plant certainly very promising for its use in clinical practice. Its role in the treatment of diabetes mellitus type II and in the glycemic control is certainly effective and devoid of side effects.

The absence of harmfulness makes the plant particularly appropriate to a prescription for prolonged periods of time in patients in whom is due and possible to an increased stimulation of the endocrine component of the pancreas.

We can nevertheless affirm that the plant has undoubtedly antidiabetic action already identified long been known and attested by several authors. Its intake is undoubtedly useful in all cases of diabetes florid insulin-independent and becomes preferable particularly when the administration of oral antidiabetic is unfit for the presence of vascular complications, microangiopathic or neuropathic.

Contrary to oral antidiabetic agents, the Poterium spinosum, thanks to the content in hepta-hydroxy flavans and polymerized flavonoids, have the means to prevent and to avoid certain microangiopathic complications due to anti hypertensive, coronary vessel dilator and antiarrhythmic of which these substances are equipped.

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