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Active principles in Kalospeed

Function of chitosan in Kalospeed

We can summarize the function of chitosan in Kalospeed according to this list:

  • Assimilates and retains the fats taken with food
  • Decreases LDL and Cholesterol
  • Increases HDL levels
  • It acts as an antacid
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Favorisce la perdita di peso
  • Lowers the levels of uric acid.

Current research indicates that the appropriate use of this active substance in Kalospeed would be able to be truly decisive for the success of the diets.
Chitosan is one of the substances defined “size fat”. Its behavior is that of imprison the fats of nutrition, preventing their absorption in the gastrointestinal tract.

Chitosan is not metabolized or assimilated it. Fats that bind to chitosan will also become non-absorbable and leave the intestinal tract without access to the blood circulation, so their caloric intake is equal to zero.

The regular intake of Kalospeed before meals allows the control of the caloriesThe regular intake of Kalospeed before meals allows the control of the calories, increasing the effects of dietary regimens or protecting the conservation of weight in normal weight individuals.

The chitosan content in Kalospeed can reduce fatigue caused by excess fat metabolism because the caloric intake in excess is changed by the body in fat accumulated in the adipose tissue that exhibits a very difficult low to change making it each of their disposal.

There is also a different process by which the formula of chitosan Kalospeed “eats” the fat since, in addition to tie fat for electrostatic interaction also prospect a kind of cage unalterable by the digestive enzymes that capture the fats on the inside not allowing their absorption.

This may also explain why the Kalospeed of chitosan showed good characteristics cholesterol lowering. Kalospeed has proven to be also active in promoting the reduction of cholesterol as a result due to the effect of “capturing” of bile acids which produces an activity in the liver, where bile acids are synthesized starting from the cholesterol inside.

Chitosan can assimilate the fats to an extent equivalent to 4-6 times its own weight that can increase up to 8 times when it is taken together with substances that can increase the acidity, such as ascorbic acid, represented in Kalospeed from Rose Hip which favors the bulge..

In this case it is recommended to take plenty of fluids during the day. The conclusions of the analysis in vitro activity of chitosan such as that contained in Kalospeed in the function of blocking of dietary lipids, have been corroborated in clinical studies.

Between the fibers nutritive, chitosan has proved to be equipped with one of the highest values of fats assimilated to quantity used, remaining however none of harmfulness to the body.


The use of chitosan is not recommended to all those that present forms of allergies towards crustaceans to pregnant women or nursing. You should always ask advice of your doctor in case you are implementing a particular method of cure, because the chitosan may alter the bioavailability of drugs. Since the can also bind the essential fatty acids and some minerals is desirable that these be reinserted together with the fat-soluble vitamins.

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