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Active principles in Kalospeed

Active principles in KalospeedKalospeed contains active ingredients based on caffeine if taken regularly, have the capacity to increase thermogenic activi-
ty, increasing the total caloric expenditure and facilitating weight loss.

Active principles based on caffeine in Kalospeed

The increases in thermogenesis may also be important given that a ’single dose of only 100 mg. of caffeine equivalent to a cup of coffee, can increase in two hours and a half the rate of resting metabolism by 3-4%, both in normal people that in subjects with previous weight problems and whose thermogenesis is decreased.

Active principles based on caffeine in KalospeedThe caffeine in the ingredients formulation of Kalospeed acts on two levels: as an antagonist of adenosine, containing the blocking effect of this chemical mediator on the further release of norepinephri-
ne and inhibiting the phosphodiesterase that prevents the degradation of CAMP (cyclic adenosine monophosphate) in tissue thermogenic. With this procedure is increased and maintained in durable manner the amount of noradrenaline released.

Given that lipolysis is essentially controlled by the complex cAMP (adenosine cyclic monophosphate), phosphodieste-
rases can interpret a function of great interest in the control of lipidic use by adipose tissue, by adjusting the degradation of cAMP.

Caffeine is an antagonist of adenosine. Adenosine can regulate various physiological solutions, including lipolysis in adipose nucleus. We must pay attention to the excesses because larger amounts to 300 mg. of caffeine per day would add a thermogenic effect and could be harmful, causing palpitations, increased blood pressure, insomnia, agitation, and excessive stimulation of gastric activity.

Kalospeed “as size fat”: the chitosan

The chitosan present in the formula of Kalospeed is a derivative of chitin. Chitin is composed of a chain of very elongated unit N-acetyl-D-glucosaminiche and is the most abundant natural structure, together with the cellulose to which is similar in many aspects.

The major source of chitin, however, are the shells of some marine crustaceans and zooplankton. Chemically it is a biopolymer of polysaccharidic origin that has not assimilated in the molecule positively charged amino ensembles. The presence of such unions is fundamental for the functioning of chitosan because it allows the composition of the chemical bond with the negatively charged groups of the fatty acid molecules. There is also the opportunity that can form hydrophobic bonds with neutral fats such as triglycerides, cholesterol and other dietary sterols.

Unlike all the polysaccharides, chitosan becomes soluble at acidic pH, since the amino groups assume a positive charge giving origin to an overabundance of positive charges in the molecule; this occurs in the stomach and becomes important for the activity of chitosan.

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