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Taraxacum Root: natural ingredient of Kalospeed

Taraxacum Root: natural ingredient of KalospeedThis action is observable with particular intensity in the great glands of the body. However, this effect is present also in other districts of the organism. Curren-
tly we can attribute to the dandeli-
on also connective tissue tropism and this is based on the action of dandelion in osteoarthritis. Dan-
delion promotes renal secretion and also acts as a diuretic, increasing the hepatic secretion also expounding its functionality cholagogue. This confirms the experience of the past, who considered the dandelion a good natural remedy for gallstones.

But there is also another area of application specific studies in the light of today presents itself as sufficiently well founded. Dandelion is not able to influence the calculations already formed, but on the predisposition to calculation formation then the diathesis.

Of this is likely to be primarily responsible the above mentioned action on metabolism and cell. The difficulty of being able to objectify the action of this treatment is in the nature of these diseases, but the fact remains that the patients after treatment dandelion feel lighter. The disturbances to the upper area right abdomen disappear and the tendency to relapse disappears or at least becomes more clearly rare.

Modern medicine has in-depth studies on dandelionIt therefore seems possible to to arrive in this way, better and more quickly, in a latency phase of the disease. Since it so far, it is recognized in acid chenodeoxy-
cholic a medicament active only in the decomposition of choleste-
rol gallstones but not other kinds of calculations, you should make use of the potential of dandelion in this field. And all the more so because the dandelion is completely nontoxic, even when administered for a long time and also has a positive effect on subjective symptoms and general toning.

The phytotherapists prefer the roots of the dandelion whom, in autumn, contain a higher concentration of inulin, phytosterols, vitamins of the B group and an alcohol group of triterpene beta-amirina, the taraxasterolo (which seems to be responsible for the beneficial effects on liver).

Modern medicine has deepened studies on the dandelion after the experiments of Rutherford and Vignal (1875) which, through laboratory tests, observed that the extract of dandelion acted causing the contraction of the gallbladder. Subsequently Chabrol and co-workers (1931) confirmed a cholagogue and choleretic action (facilitates the production of bile and its passage from the gallbladder to the duodenum, promoting good liver function and better digestion). Recent studies have also shown that the dandelion has a mild cardio kinetic action and this would be borne out by experiments on isolated frog heart. Other studies have also hypothesize its antidiabetic action.

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