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Jambul: natural ingredient of Kalospeed

Jambul: ingrediente naturale KalospeedThe Jambul has been included in a number of herbal medicines, such as blueberry, which possess the ability to lower high levels of blood sugar especially in diabetic patients and in people hyperglycemic. Generally the use of Jambul is recommended to counter the deleterious effects of long-term diabetes.
In this disease, the islet cells of the pancreas does not produce enough insulin. This enzyme helps the glucose to enter the cells and is therefore responsible for the regulation and control of glucose levels in the body.

In middle age, many people in the modern world become sensitive to type II diabetes. This disease is caused by lifestyle increasingly prevalent in much of the world and changes in eating habits. The treatment with Jambul is effective during the early stages of the disease and the situation slightly, also accompanied by a strict diet by the person concerned. The remedy based Jambul also relieves the frequent need to urinate that accompanies the diabetic condition.

The carminative properties of Jambul also turns out to be a very effective treatment to treat the symptoms of indigestion and other digestive disorders, such as excessive gas. Based remedies Jambul soothe the stomach and ease to the chronic abdominal cramps. The active ingredients contained in Jambul are: (methylxanthoxylin) phenols, tannins, alkaloids (jambosina), triterpenidi, volatile oil.

Principal activities

The Jambul is long overdue used as a carminative, stomachic and astringent. The seeds are effective against diabetes because it quickly reduces sugar in the urine; is also very useful in glycosuria. No harmful effects have been reported after use.

Natural healing properties and advantages
  • Diabetes: the jambul is used in traditional medicine as a specific remedy against diabetes because of its effect on the pancreas. The “Jambolina” you think lacks the means to control the abnormal conversion of starch into sugar in cases of increased production of glucose and also reduce the amount of sugar in the urine. Caution: Do not change the medical treatment of diabetes (especially insulin dose) without the advice of a qualified physician. People with diabetes should monitor their blood sugar level and insulin dose carefully with taking the Jambul
  • Polyuria: powder of seeds is valuable in polyuria or against the production of excess urine
  • Disorders of the liver: natural acids contained in Jambul play an important role in the secretion of digestive enzymes and in stimulating liver functions.
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