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Other properties of Kalospeed

Kalospeed develops a different way to lose weightKalospeed develops a different sys-
tem to lose weight by getting the most yield from ’opportunity to impro-
ve the level of power consumption instead of drastically reducing your calorie intake, as occurs in many traditional diets.

Kalospeed stimulates renal excretion and hepatic secretion and it is for this reason that it is appropriate as a choleretic, eupeptic, an adjunct in the treatment of hepatopathies, gallblad-
der disease and digestive disorders but especially in digestive disorders of fat.

The active ingredients contained in Kalospeed stimulate bile flow and assist the liver and gallbladder into their proper functioning, reducing blood levels of lipids in excess. The valuable stimulation of diuresis, makes it valuable in the treatment of water retention and cellulitis.

After assuming Kalospeed, people have been surprised to feel lighter. Impediments to the most part in the upper right corner of the abdomen dissolve, along with the swollen legs. This supports the ability to Kalospeed to cancel multiple symptoms related to the hepatic scope, with a subsequent significant improvement of the functionality of the liver and kidneys.

Thanks to the action of cytochrome P450 with its oxidizing activity in the liver are dissolved the dross that can be more easily expelled by the kidneys or the biliary.

Laboratory experiments carried out with active ingredients identical to those contained in Kalospeed have shown that, following repeated administration every day, beside diuretic outcome was obtained by a decrease in body weight of 30%, followed by no harmful consequences.

Kalospeed contains vegetable substances that stimulate thermogenesis

Kalospeed is particularly rich in a mixture of natural substances such sympathomimetic amines of which have been identified the five most important: synephrine (in particular the isomer L), the N methyltyramine, the hordenine, octopamine and tyramine.

These substances, among them synephrine (titrated in Kalospeed at 4%) is the most active and present in greater quantities, have the capacity to stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, activating specific receptors located on the cells of some organs.

The group of these amines was found to have a special selectivity of action for ▀ -3 adrenergic receptors located in adipose tissue, which determines stimulus resulting in the stimulation of thermogenesis. This property make of Kalospeed (and its extracts) an innovative natural supplement for the control of body weight.

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