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Lose weight naturally

Lose weight naturallyWhat we propose is an innovative natural product effective for you to lose weight in a natural way, specifically studied and calibrated in order to lose weight in a controlled manner durable without chan-
ging your eating habits.
A weight loss too fast puts your health at risk because not only takes place at the expense of excess fat but inevitably involves also lean mass.
Today, specialists in the field agree believe “physiological” a weight loss of no more than 0.5-1 kg. after a week of treatment, obtained with dietary restriction and exercise.

What is Kalospeed

It is a dietary supplement made from herbal components selected and calibrated in order to:

  • Help the weight loss associated with a balanced diet
  • Bio regulate the assimilation of sugars
  • Help subjects suffering from disorders of glucose metabolism in association with a balanced diet.

With proper nutrition as well as physical activity can activate all three of the above points, but sometimes this may not be enough. However, there are some herbs in nature, such as those selected in Kalospeed, able to help our sacrifices in the war against fat, but you should be aware that not observing a proper diet and moderate physical activity without these substances could also not completely Sorting the desired effects.

There are two ways to control the overweight: reduce your calorie intake or increase energy expenditure by taking advantage of the metabolic mechanisms that regulate thermogenesis and fat oxidation. Since these processes are largely determined by Simpatic, it follows that partly by modifying sympathetic activity and that of epinephrine, specific neurotransmitter, it triggers an action very advantageous to address the problems of being overweight. In this context we find the renewed interest in the thermogenic effects of numerous principles of vegetable origin, such as those contained in Kalospeed, which have been proven to be able to stimulate fat oxidation and thermogenesis

Kalospeed is a natural product composed of two packs (N. 1 and N. 2) 100 tablets each, specially developed by the researchers “Naturdieta” as an adjuvant to low-calorie diets.

Kalospeed 1 is a supplement of 50 mg glucomannan., Bitter orange peel 35 mg., Rose hips 35 mg., leaves of orthosiphon 35 mg., Lemon peel 35 mg., White willow bark 35 mg., Ginkgo leaves 35 mg., guarana seed 35 mg., Siberian ginseng root 35 mg., chitosan powder 35 mg., 35 mg. green tea leaves, peel of the fruit of garcinia 5 mg. These substances help to speed up the metabolism and thus, through the thermogenic action to stimulate lipolysis (fat utilization for energy purposes).

Kalospeed 2 is a supplement of 52 mg dandelion, Leaves of black bilberry 52 mg., Orris root 52 mg., Walnut leaves 52 mg., Juniper berries 52 mg., Seeds yambul 40 mg., Root bark of spiny Poterium 40 mg. These substances restrict the intake of sugars by reducing calories.

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