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Poterium Spinosum: natural ingredient of Kalospeed

Poterium Spinosum: natural ingredient of KalospeedDr. Kuzbari believed that the hypoglycaemic effect of Poterium Spinosum was probably due to one or more substances capable of stimulating the pancreatic islets of Langerhans to resume their normal function, contrary to the administration of insulin that being a substitute treatment can not cure the disease.

Details on the research of this mission were presented at the Second International Pharmacological Meeting held in Prague and summarized a year later. It has been shown that only the root bark contains the main active principles responsible for the hypoglycemic action and has no side effects.

In Italy, the tincture of the roots of Poterium Spinosum is used for the first time successfully by the School of Integrated Medicine Dr. Luigi Oreste Speciani. Since the dyeing was prepared with plants from Lebanon, with the advent of conflicts was no more possible to its import and its use.

composition of active principles of Poterium Spinosum

In Poterium Spinosum were isolated catechin tannins and ellagic, eptaidrossiflavani polymerized, an insulin-like substance and triterpene glycosides which tormentoside and tormentillina.
From the bark of the root has been isolated the torment acid and its derivatives (glucosides esters) such as the 23-acid sitormentico-28-0-beta-D-glucopiramoside; 23-acid and the acid idrossitormentico torment-28-0-beta-D-glucopyranosi-
de = rosamultina

In extracts of the dried bark were isolated glycosides ester of 23-idrossitormentico and acid ester glucoside torment. The root also contains traces of chromium. In the roots and bark of the branches tannins reach a concentration of 6%.

The torment triterpene acid has also been isolated in the aerial parts of the species Poterium ancistroides Desf, the same medicinal plant used in Spain to lower rates glicic well as in Potentilla tormentil Neck. Animal experiments have demonstrated the activity ipogliciizzante of this substance, determining simultaneously the hypo glycemic activity in comparison to that of glibenclamide (effects very similar).

Caution: Do not change the medical treatment of diabetes (especially insulin dose) without the advice of a qualified physician. People with diabetes should monitor their blood sugar level and insulin dose carefully with taking on Poterium Spinosum.

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