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Kalospeed: frequently asked questions

That expiration times has Kalospeed? The expiry date is stated on the pack and is equal to 3 (three) years from the date of production.

How is the quality control of your products? The evidence external on the studies, on the toxicology and health laboratories are carried out by the relevant accordance with the protocols established by the Ministry of Health, also external laboratories are responsible for checking the quality.

We recall that Article. 8 of EEC directive 65/65 EEC states that: “for the registration of bio medicine as supplements is not due to provide the results of toxicological testing drug and conclusions of clinical trials if, by detailed references to published scientific literature, it is verifiable that the components are of traditional use with recognized efficacy and with an acceptable degree of safety of use”.
Judging criteria considered by Wonderup Sagl-Naturdieta in plant breeding and in the enunciation of their products are:

  • Absence of bacterial load
  • Absence of heavy metals
  • Absence of aflatoxins
  • Absence of pesticides and chemical preservatives
  • Quantitative verification of the active principles
  • Examination of the interactions
  • Absence of radioactivity
  • Control over the resistance of the structure.

How they are made your supplements? Specific conditions of the remedies that we have developed are:

  • The functional effectiveness and confirmed
  • The modularity of the assimilation of the essences inside the formulation
  • The synergic release of the different components
  • The synergistic activity between the different plants formulated
  • The non-toxicity
  • The use of privileged dry extract standardized.

What guarantees are provided to me? We are so confident in the quality of Kalospeed and the results that can be achieved that we can give the money back guarantee. We we give the possibility to try the product for a period of reimbursing the money if you are not satisfied with the results achieved. No one can offer you more.

How does the natural supplement Kalospeed? Maybe someone asks why Kalospeed is offered in two packages. The answer to this question lies in the fact that until today the only possibilities that we have to interact with our body as regards the possibility to stimulate the weight loss are those working on the thermogenic process and the glucidic process. For this reason, in order to offer its customers the opportunity to take advantage of both the real and tested possibility that the human metabolism offers in the field of weight control, Naturdieta experts have formulated two phytochemicals that, “working” synergistical-
ly, stimulate your metabolism to burn more energy and to forfeit less carbs. For these reasons, we have created Kalospeed 1 and 2.

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