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Kalospeed: frequently asked questions

Kalospeed: frequently asked questionsThe following are the most common questions that have been posed on the product Kalospeed.
Our staff is at your disposal for further information at the address given in the page Contact Us. Thank you. Grazie.

What’s Kalospeed? Kalospeed is a dietary supplement composed of two packages (1 and 2) 100 tablets each, specially developed by the researchers “Naturdieta” as an adjuvant to low-calorie diets.
Kalospeed is a natural dietary supplement composed of herbs. It is not a synthetic product and does not contain any chemical substance or additive. There were no side effects in healthy individuals. The assumption of Kalospeed is a safe choice. Kalospeed is scientifically tested and produced in ISO 9000 certified laboratories, as it has been duly notified to the competent authority. It is not a drug and is not addictive.

What are the major benefits that can be found assuming Kalospeed? Kalospeed brings the following benefits:

  • Reduce caloric intake
  • Increases calorie consumption
  • Blocks the synthesis of lipids and increases their catabolism (demolition of substances introduced into the body for food purposes)
  • It reduces the feeling of hunger
  • Hypoglycemic type ILA: Insulin-like-activity.

It is supposed that some natural components, similarly to oral antidiabetic (sulfonilurati), regulate the endogenous production of insulin by the Langerhans cells of the pancreas.

What are the ingredients in Kalospeed? Kalospeed is a supplement that you can use without having to resort to the help of a doctor and can be purchased without a prescription but must be used correctly to ensure its effectiveness. For further information or advice please send an email to

The supplement is composed from the packaging Kalospeed initialed as No. 1 and No. 2, the content of which is of different wording. The assumption of both substances must be implemented in the course of the day.

What it looks like? Kalospeed, natural herbal supplement 1 and 2 is presented in the form of tablets. The contents of each package is 100 tablets. Net weight 100 g. The holder of the formulation and notification to the Ministry of Health is Wonderup SAGL-Naturdieta, Via Giulia n. 43, 6855 Stabio-Canton Ticino (CH). Production workshop: Via Delle Apricots n. 110, Cesena. Controller Final: Laboratory Vegezio S.r.l. - Cesena.

Why is it used? Kalospeed is used for weight loss in natural and physiological manner activating ability that the body has within it but that they need to be stimulated in their duties.

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