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Black Bilberry - Pag. 3


Black Bilberry: nataural ingredient of Kalospeed

Black Bilberry: nataural ingredient of KalospeedThe daily intake of blueberry would help to increase the level of good cholesterol in the blood. This is what results from a study conducted by researchers at the ’University of Laval in Canada. The research was carried out on 30 men with high levels of bad cholesterol.
Another study would seem to demonstrate the same properties cholesterol control. The study carried out at the Department of Agriculture, directed by Agnes Rimando, shows that the antioxidants contained in blueberry would be able to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol without side effects.

The blueberry may help to reduce cholesterol and no side effects. This is what has been shown on mouse cells by Agnes Rimando of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, in collaboration with experts from the School of Pharmacology at the University of Mississippi.
The secret of this fruit of the woods would be an antioxidant named pterostilbene, that activates a fat burner molecule explained the expert in the congress of the American Society of Chemistry. The Rimando has been found in blueberries for the first time in this study, supported by scientific evidence anecdotal knowledge about the health benefits of blueberries.

Pterostilbene has an action similar to that of ciprofibrate, an active principle present in the synthesis of anti-cholesterol drugs that lowers the concentration of LDL, the bad cholesterol. But ciprofibrate is not effective for all patients, and since it has a mechanism of action blunt, produces side effects such as nausea and muscle pain.

After having discovered the presence in the blueberry, the researchers tested pterostilbene on liver cells of mice, along with three other compounds present in the fruit. Among all, pterostilbene is more effective in lowering LDL. Also, as it does in a targeted manner by targeting and activating the cellular receptor for the protein fat-burning PPAR-alpha, is less toxic than ciprofibrate.

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