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How does Humor against nervous hunger

Humor increases the formation of serotonin which serves to the brain to stop the hunger signalThe internal insulin that is produced after a meal rich in carbohydrates, has the charac-
teristic to increase the level of tryptophan in the blood which later will reach the brain. In meals with high protein content, on the contrary, the large amount of other amino acids (tyrosine, phenylalanine, etc.). That are conducted to the brain from the same transport system of tryptophan, reveal agonists to damage of the latter amino acid.

Humor increases the formation of serotonin which serves to the brain to stop the hunger signal so that during the day is introduced a minor amount of calories.

The Passiflora work on the central nervous system favoring relaxing action that loosens the emotional tension. This causes a positive outcome on mood and makes it possible to control emotional eating. The plant has mainly antispasmodic and anxiolytic properties.

Passionflower is particularly suitable to combat anxiety and neurosis whether they are neurotic that obsessive. Has the virtue calming on the central nervous system, without having consequences for this narcotic. It relaxes the mind without tarnish, stimulating a physiological sleep without nocturnal awakenings with no particular sensation of stiffening in the morning.

Valerian: natural ingredient of HumorValerian possesses sedative qualities of the central nervous system. The analgesic effect of this plant does not have negative consequences. For this reason it is one of the best therapies for insomnia caused by corporeal and psychological over-exertion.
It is a phyto medicament usually used to moderate the nervousness in both adults than in children, is also used in sleep disorders and to control tachycardias.

Valerian is commonly used as a sedative, tranquilizing and sleeping draft; has depressed activity on the central nervous system. It’s used as antispasmodic, tranquilizing, in anxious symptomatologies, as an adjuvant in convulsions, insomnia intelligence in wear and tear, in the stress in headache, migraine, gastric contractions, abdominal cramps, colitis, and in diseases of the nerves. Valerian is a valuable aid as an anxiolytic, in neurotic symptomatologies in obsessional neurosis and hysterical and anguish.

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