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Hawthorn: natural ingredient of Humor

Clinical use (continue ...)

Hawthorn: natural ingredient of HumorThe batmotrop action negative was analyzed by the finding that the intake of preparations of hawthorn increase the absolute refractory period, which defends the myocardium by the appearance of arrhythmias, as can occur with different drugs.

Multiple research (including some with placebo) have assessed the effective-
ness of hawthorn in the improvement of hemodynamic conditions in patients with mild, moderate symptoms of hypertension and coronary artery disease.

The outcome sedative can be used in combination with other products. They are was also highlighted lipid-lowering and anti-atherosclerotic properties of the hawthorn. This behavior is then examined on the possibility of obtain active ingredients to prevent the birth of atherosclerotic plaques in an experimental sclerotic scheme.

Chemical composition

It is a plant rich in flavonoids, which may represent about 2% of the dry weight of the plant. Are equally Copious the proantocianidoli, who are able to contribute up to 3% of the weight of the dried plant. The main ones are the hyperoside, the spireoside, the rutoside and quercetin. Are also present mono-C-glycosides of flavones, in particular vitexin, Orienti-
na and 2-ramnosil vitexin. They are also applicable penta cyclic triterpene acids and in particular ursolic acid and oleanolic crategolico aromatic amino acids and amines cardiotonic.

Hawthorn is a plant that is used as a medicament for a long time for its proven actions cardioactive and calming. Indeed, the behavior of the nervous system is not derived from direct events but as a consequence of the normalizing work of heart rhythm, given that the plant would facilitate the overcoming of cardiovascular signals of ’anxiety, rather than owning their own conduct sedative on neuronal circuits.

As far has relevance to the character of cardiovascular events after the intake of hawthorn, they all seem to be validated by studies aimed in this direction with findings in the increase of coronary blood flow to coronary vasodilation, dromotropic positive action, positive inotropic and negative batmotropic. There is also a moderate lipid-lowering and anti-atherosclerotic action and also action “scavenger” antioxidant.

The medicinal functions are to be contributed to the flavonoids (hyperoside, vitexin) and oligomers procyanidinic present in fruits and leaves, however, are not the active ingredient of hawthorn. The process of ’intervention is controversial and has become a case of blocking of c-AMP-phosphodiesterase (M Rossi, 1992; Schussler M et al, 1995), although most current observations do not appear to attest to (Muller A et al, 1999). A functional process reliable, could be the inhibition of the angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) or an interruption of the potassium channels.

Therapeutic properties in the hawthorn of humor

Cardiovascular function - The hawthorn has a remarkable relevance in regards of the heart, particularly connected to the flavonoids and proantocianidoli. Determines vasodilati-
on of blood vessels and abdominal coronary especially those that carry blood to the heart muscle, it is caused by the release of fibrocells of the muscles of the blood vessel wall, with increase of the blood flow in these areas of the body. Decreases in heart rate and significantly increases the action of digitalis on the heart muscle.

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