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Hawthorn: natural ingredient of Humor

Hawthorn: natural ingredient of HumorThe anxiolytic and myo-relaxing action of the hawthorn (Cratae-
gus oxycantha L.) is found with a particular conduct at the nervous system excitability. The active ingredients in the plant attenuate insomnia and the sense of anxiety and dizziness.
Hawthorn is well accepted by the body and does not show any secondary outcome. It is rich in flavonoids, which are about 2% of the weight of the dry plant and proantocianidoli, 3% of the weight of the dry plant. This bush has a strong affinity towards the heart, especially due to flavonoids and proantocianidoli.

It is often used to moderate symptoms tachicardici derived from conditions of high stress. It has also an appreciable anxiolytic behavior in the central area, particularly viable in people very excitable in which limits the hypersensitivity, the condition of nervousness and makes them better sleep.
This finding seems likely to be attributed especially to the tannins and flavonoids present in this plant since it has been proven that these procure sedation and enhance sleep.

Decidedly important is the possibility that the hawthorn can to block free radicals. Thanks to its action, the oxidation of LDL, which are the particles of cholesterol that are usual placed in the wall of blood vessels following their oxidation, is greatly diminished.

Hawthorn belongs to the Rosaceae family of which is used the flowering tops and leaves. The active ingredients are especially flavonoids (hyperoside, vitexin-2”-ramnoside), glicosilflavons, procyanidins, pentacyclic triterpenes (ursolic acid,crategolic acid, oleanolic acid, acid acantolic acid neo-tegolic). The title of flavonoids in percentage of drugs should be at least 0.7% (in Humor is 1%).

Clinical use

One of the properties most used of the hawthorn is the moderate sedation, as docu-
mented by several studies. Research conducted using the placebo also gave evidence of the validity of the hawthorn in the form of anxiety disorders (associated with Valerian and Passionflower). It is useful to know that hawthorn also has more valuable properties as cardiotonic and anti hypertensive.

This drug shows indeed to be an appreciable vasodilator and is provided with positive inotropic activity and negative batmotropa. Clinical trials have documented the effect in patients with mild conformations of heart failure (NYHA class I-II), especially in those with weak rhythm disorders. The properties are conducted by a positive inotropic effect on cardiomyocytes, increasing the extension of the contraction, with a lower power consumption.

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