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Hawthorn - Pag. 3


Hawthorn: natural ingredient of Humor

Clinical use
Therapeutic properties of humor in hawthorn ... (continue)

Hawthorn: natural ingredient of HumorBeyond that flavonoids determi-
ne an expansion of blood ves-
sels, which causes a lowering of blood pressure. Hawthorn is therefore very useful to combat angina pectoris, in the neuro-
ses of the heart, in the conditi-
ons of hyperexcitability with de-
compensation and high blood pressure especially if of nervous derivation.

Recently, several studies have been performed and tested clinically in patients with moderate heart failure, who have demonstrated that the dry extract of hawthorn as that contained in Humor can effectively moderate heart rate, swelling of the ankles and blood pressure also manifesting action to strengthen of the contractile ability of the heart and a considerable decrease in the symptoms that afflict these individuals, without the occurrence of any negative collateral consequence.

Sedative action - Hawthorn also has an appreciable sedative action at the central level, particularly effective in patients who are very nervous, in which decreases the emotion, the state of agitation and makes it better sleep. These anxiolytic capabilities are especially highlighted by tannins and flavonoids in force in this plant, because it has been shown that they induce sedation and increase the sleep induced by barbiturates, although it was not fully explained the pattern of action that would favor these beneficial effects towards the central nervous system..

A role in this sense could have also flavonoids, in particular glucosides of apigenol, as it has recently been demonstra-
ted that some of them, such apigenol and chrysin, may undertake activities benzodiazepine with anticonvulsant effects, anxiolytics and hypnotics moderately, since would be able from binding to benzodiazepine receptors both centrally that peripheral.

Anti-radical action - Decidedly important is the ability of the active principles of Hawthorn of allowing the body to capture free radicals and to limit the oxidation of the particles of cholesterol that seek to attach to the wall of blood vessels after undergoing the ’oxidation. This procedure prevents one of the episodes required for the establishment of atherosclerotic plaques in the blood vessels.

Main indications - Increased heart rate over the normal value, mild heart failure or content, mild hypertension, adjuvant in ischemic heart disease.

Side Effects - In special cases can procure upset stomach, particularly in patients with gastritis and / or peptic ulcer, reversible upon discontinuation of therapy.

Contraindications - Should be used with caution in patients with overt bradycardia (heart rate below 60 beats per minute) or disorders of the propagation of electrical impulses in the heart.

Drug Interactions - Increases the ’effect of digitalis on the heart muscle and increases the hypotensive action of beta blockers and other medicinal products with this activity.

Toxicological Data - No harmful consequence has been detected following the administration by mouth of a quantity equal to 30, 90 or 300 mg. per kg. weight per day for 26 days.

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