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Faq: against anxiety and depression

What is the dosage? You should take one tablet during the day and one or two tablets at bedtime with half a glass of water, continue for an uninterrupted cycle (minimum of two bottles) to get the best results. The assumption of Humor also prolonged not addictive and can end at any time you wish.

What are the response times of Humor? Photodynamic: Humor is absorbed in 15-20 minutes. The plasma half-life is about 5 hours, with renal elimination smooth and free of metabolites unchanged.

And if you forget to take a dose? If for any reason you forget to take a dose, you can still retrieve it as soon as you remember. More regularly you will be able to follow the dosage before the benefits will ensue.

Are there any contraindications with taking the birth control pill? There is no type of contraindication between the two products and therefore, we can safely assume any type of pill. In no event Humor will prevent its smooth operation.

What is the time of expiration of Humor? The expiry date is indicated on the package and is equal to 3 (three) years from the date of manufacture.

Why for every natural component of Humor was chosen the the dry extract? What are the advantages of the titration and standardization of the dry extract of Humor? Prior to anything else, the repeatability and reproducibility of the therapeutic outcome. In addition, thanks to the accuracy of the trace quantitative and substantial of the plant worked, the dry extract allows to minimize the collateral consequences of overdosage.
For the formulas of its supplements Naturdieta-Wonderup Sagl choose the best dry extracts of medicinal plants and does not add other substances unassimilable by the body. Naturdieta only uses these extracts because, as amply declared in the international bibliography, dried extracts are:

  • Best suited to the goals of care when compared to the pulverized plant
  • More secure since the chemical compound is standardized
  • More stable and therefore less danger and harmfulness biological deterioration
  • More harmless to the stomach, given their complete solubility
  • More systematic in the use because their active ingredients are known and titratable
  • Faster response due to the high concentration of the active substance
  • More conveyable to the stable concentration of the carrier particles.
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