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Faq: against anxiety and depression

Is it safe? The formulation of Humor has been studied with the utmost care and attention. The herbs used in its composition have been selected for their validity and safety demonstrated. They are in fact the herbs that are used for a long time and analyzed worldwide. Naturdieta applies precise and stringent checks and protocols for the Protection of preparation of the products models. All Naturdieta products and therefore Humor are registered with the Ministry of Health.

During pregnancy and lactation, in the event of continued medical therapy or regular intake of antidepressants, it is advisable ask for an opinion from your physician prior to administration.
It is normally not recommended for self-medication and in no case a depression or a depressive state must be treated independently without having consulted a medical specialist.

Taking into consideration the experimental resultsit would seem that Humor can give outcomes potentially additional contents to benzodiazepines. Although there are no retesting established direct Humor can interact with alcohol, antidepressants and codeine (increasing somnolence).
Humor prolongs and increases sleep provoked by sedatives and therefore should not be used especially in the days before surgical operations that require their use. Similarly all the herbs that include tannins, the assumption of Humor in conjunction with iron supplementation, may limit the absorption of the latter. It is therefore suggested to separate the two intakes of one or two hours at least.

The components are safe? Absolutely. The formula is made with the highest quality ingredients. The exclusive Swiss product formulations of Naturdieta line can only be found in our products that are regularly reported to the responsible Authority.
Herbs and nutrients contained in Humor were used extensively and effectively for centuries for their therapeutic virtues. Humor does not contain synthetic additives, artificial colorings or preservatives. It does not contain products of animal origin and contains no OGM but only natural herbs and selected from organic farming. Have not been used genetically modified plants or transgenic foods.

How many tablets are there in each box? In each box there are 60 tablets for a net weight of 48 g. Taking three tablets per day (recommended intake), temporal duration of the product is equal to twenty days.

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