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California Poppy: natural ingredient of Humor

Pharmacological Actions

California Poppy: natural ingredient of HumorThe plant is used for the mildly sedative hypnotic and analgesic effect. Although the clinical tests are currently limited, numerous pharmacological studies have been performed on individual components of the drug rather than on the plant complex in toto.

Nevertheless, the valences made manifest by the drug can not be conducted to constituents only, as usual, is the plant complexwhich show a predominant role. Recent research carried out employing the tincture and addressed to analyze the sedative and antispasmodic activities of the plant, in addition to proving the above qualities, has highlighted the fact that its allocation is enables to establish that if several active sections include alkaloids, others do not.

The drug, at a lower dose than that in which it develops the sleep-inducing action, produces different outcomes such as choleretic action and regularizing the biliary secretion, sedative effect on the smooth muscle of the gastroenteric apparatus, antitussives. The primary feature of this drug is at the level of the central nervous system, where it leads sleep-inducing activity without causing confusional states in the moment of awakening (called hangover effect).

The drug, administered clinically for a long time, reduces the period of falling asleep and makes better quality of sleep. It is also recognized an anxiolytic property that certainly plays an important function in the herbal utility for that concerns the treatment of secondary disorders of sleep. In clinical use, gives proof of possessing a prolonged action does not determine, however, depression of the central nervous system and is able to maintain mental alertness.
The escolzia is used in the treatment of painful symptoms in the digestive system and biliary tract and headaches. With such characteristics, the plant may be useful in disorders of sleep followed by spasms and pain.

A research has borne out that hydroalcoholic extracts of escolzia limit the enzymatic degradation of catecholamines and the synthesis of adrenaline, as well as the activity of dopamine. These effects indicate that the plant complex retains substantial shares of calecolamine in the brain by virtue to inhibition of their catabolic enzyme and this explains its anxiolytic qualities, which become determinants in the treatment of minor disorders of sleep.

Toxicity, contraindications and side effects

Because clinical studies are still limited, we do not recommend the ’use during pregnancy.
You need to be careful of course, the same way as any plant sedative, to the simultaneous intake of medicines with sedative-hypnotic and antidepressant activity, in order to avoid increase in unwanted sedative activity.

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