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Hyd. Collagen - Pag. 2


Hydrolyzed Collagen: ingredient of Evergreen

This aptitude for adaptation, typical of cartilage, is affected by the consistency of water greater than 70% and that it can be revaluated during movement or compression. We do not feel any kind of pain when the cartilage is renewed as it is devoid of nerves.

With advancing age, the tissues of the muscles can deteriorate because the amount of collagen begins to be inadequate. The skin decreases the amount of collagen that could generate and the consequences can be seen with the first roughness and abandoning the luster characteristic of youth.
Often are produced signs, wrinkling, dark streaks and cravings. The skin is dry and the hair are stressed and lose their “liveliness”.

The human body, practice most of the thermal activity on collagen during the night and while sleeping and to do this he needs the energy that, if it cannot be obtained from carbohydrates or sugars, is drawn from fat.
It is during the REM stage of sleep that the body converts nutrients into new tissues. To accomplish this function, requires a significant energy availability. The conversion of collagen is responsible for repairing skin tissues, tendons, cartilage and vital organs and to strengthen the muscular area and the bones.

Multiple studies have demonstrated that collagen is equipped with multiple properties such as those to improve the epithelial tissues making the skin more flexible and soft and the hair stronger and flourishing. It also promotes the reduction of pain, soothes the joints and it is a valuable aid in the repair of cartilage and tendons.

Collagen promotes the physiological decline in combination with a reduced calorie diet and strengthens muscle mass when combined with regular physical activity as well as favor the reduction of the aging process.

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