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As acting the natural product Evergreen

The action of its active principles

Chondroitin is useful to cartilageWorking in synergy, increases the effectiveness of Collagen and of the Glucosamine for health of cartilage. Its peculiar structure allows you to restore to draw water from proteogly-
can molecules. This liquid is essen-
tial to sustain and lubricate joints.


Turmeric: it is the anti-inflammatory for excellenceIt is the anti-inflammatory for excel-
lence. Purifies the blood, prevents the development of tumors and protects the liver. Recently, it was discovered that reduces the develop-
ment of HIV.


Meadowsweet SpireaThe Meadowsweet Spirea is called “aspirin plant” and is a medicinal plant whose characteristic to accommodate salicylates. This property prevents the reasons for joint pain.

MethylSulfonylMethane (MSM)

MethylSulfonylMethane (MSM)To the human body is not possible to generate organic sulfur with the aim of regenerating the cells in good health and flexible. One of the tasks of the organic sulfur is to make the cells permeable in such a way that they arrive to meet the requirements useful to remove more easily the residues that are produced inside them and to absorb without effort nutritional principles.

This peculiarity is suitable to facilitate the penetrability mobile phone, can clarify the reason why the MSM is capable of mitigating the pain is often caused by harmful substances that are located in the joints and muscle tissues.

Fish Oil

Fish OilSupplementation with fish oil is appropriate for the proper care and joint activity for the treatment of problems related to these bone devices.


Recent studies have shown anti-inflammatory and analgesic Properties of Rose Hips in the case of osteoarthritis. A medical team of the University Hospital Charité in Berlin has shown that rose hips is also suitable as a therapy for inflammatory rheumatism.

Rosehip: special anti-inflammatory and analgesicA study group of the University of Freiburg has exposed the results of a pilot study carried out on 152 patients with persistent pain. All judging criteria evaluated are impro-
ved in the same way and in comparison with patients who felt pain in the shoulder without other indications, both of those suffering from dominant joint pain.

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