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Glucosamine: ingredient of Evergreen

Results (continued ...)

Some time ago, this substance had provoked attention and enthusiasm for successes achieved because not only has improved the symptoms but also limited the pathological aggravation. It is a molecule usually generated by the human body and is derived from glucosamine, a glucide monoaminosaccharide that participates in the composition of the extracellular matrix of cartilage.

It was found that glucosamine, given externally at pharmaco-
logical doses acting on osteoarthritis of the knee presuma-
bly for the interdiction of a nuclear element and therefore particle chromosomal governing mediators causing the synovial inflammation and the cartilage destruction.

The research has proving that with the intake of glucosamine for a long period (three years) could limit the development of osteoarthritis and this was demonstrated by the conservative factor of the spaces between the joints detected with an X-ray. It also obtained an advancement of the clinical picture that was transformed and also in a better control of symptoms.

The results in the short term

Glucosamine: ingredient of EvergreenThe researchers from Spain and Portugal in particular have insisted later on the form analgesic and anti-inflammatory but limited in time. These scholars have tried to understand how to use the glucosamine to heal the patient’s symptoms and stop feeling pain and consequently of being able to move.
To assess the favorable change was chosen Lequesne index, a test that ascertains the degree of pain and disorder and the possibility of ambulation and activities in daily behaviors. About 300 patients were distributed doses of glucosamine sulphate (1500 mg. Per day), paracetamol (1000 mg. Three times per day) or a drug inert according to a model randomized and double blind.
The preference of paracetamol as an analgesic for compari-
son is not occasional, as it is the Eular, the European League against Rheumatism (European league against rheumatism) that specifies how primary pharmacological intervention in opposition to pain.Were any terms of comparison and complementary effectiveness, including the effectiveness on patients who responded well to treatment (responders).

The dosage is fundamental

A first finding was made after six months of treatment with obvious comparisons of appreciation of the two active ingredients. In comparison against placebo have achieved good effects but those obtained with glucosamine was more advantageous than those than those achieved by paraceta-
mol, with the benefit of not have harmful side outcomes. Paracetamol has virtually no gastrointestinal effects but the long-term work on the biochemistry of the liver can increasing the transaminases

The framers of the analysis defined “Guides” (Glucosamine Unum In Die Efficacy) and previewed at a meeting in Milan have highlighted the importance of dose and of the form (phosphate) in which the active ingredient is given. Glucosa-
mine, in fact, being a natural substance, is proposed in the United States as a dietary supplement without the limits of dosage, while in Europe, while being of free sale, is allowed a limited dose (one sixth of the drug), significantly different from the one announced by the treaty referred to as therapeutic method.

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